06 Stunning Ways to Market your Book

Market your book: Everything you Need to Know

Marketing is an important aspect of book publishing and can make all the difference when trying to gather a wider audience for a new book launch. Marketing can not only set your book apart from other releases but also help attract readers, potential sponsors and new projects. Book marketing can be tricky but, if done right, it is quite rewarding. Book marketing services are available through several publishing companies; however, it is good to understand the fundamentals of book marketing on your own.

06 Successful ways to make your book go viral

Trying to make your book go viral requires a lot of attention to detail and effort. Succeeding in the book market is an ambition for every writer. To turn this dream into a reality, here are 6 ways you can make sure that your book goes viral.

Create your brand

Creating your own brand is the best way to set yourself apart and gain more recognition. Creating a band will allow you to work on your own book and treat it like a business. A brand gives your book more personality and professionalism. It is also easy to market a brand that is catered to your needs and requirements. The right type of branding can attract the right type of audience for your book.

Think about what you want your brand to represent. Think about your content and the message you want to convey through your brand. Aesthetics are also an important part of any brand. Having the right designs, social media posts and logos can greatly elevate your brand and your book.

Make your website

A website is a perfect tool to utilize, especially in today’s age of technology. A clean, well-designed and easy-to-navigate website for your book and brand is a good way to share your work with a global audience. Websites tend to receive more traffic and a well-made website even leaves a good impression. A website can help you promote your book, merch store and even social media.

It is a good way to personalize your brand and present it to a larger audience. Websites are also easy to create and can be personalized, so they can be utilized in different ways. Marketing through a website is a tried and tested method and is sure to be an effective marketing strategy for your book.

Choose the Right Audience for Marketing

Choosing the right audience is essential for your book marketing. Not every single person will be interested in your book. Don’t waste your effort and resources on attracting as many people as possible. Instead, target a more specific, personalized audience. Think about your book and what sort of people it is written for. Think about your demographic, what age group are you targeting? Younger people often require different marketing strategies compared to older people.

You can make sure that your marketing is personalized to your audience. If your book is about a specific topic, then target the community associated with that topic. While it is good to think bigger, starting in a more specific area is also beneficial.

Reach out to Book Reviewers

Reviews for your books are a guaranteed way to make people interested in your book. Reach out to professional book reviewers with large social media followings. Ask them to read and review your book. Reviews from these sources tend to attract a lot of attention. A good review from a respected book reviewer can help elevate your book and make it more visible in the market.

Book reviewers can also direct their audience towards your book. Get some reviewers to leave reviews on your website. The more reviewers that you have, the better. People tend to agree with reviews when they come from credible sources. If you gain credible reviews for your book, then you are guaranteed to generate interest in your book.

Right Book Cover

The current book industry is very interested in unique and fresh book covers. Book covers are the first thing people see, they need to be eye-catching, interesting, and thought-provoking. Make sure to get the best designer for your book cover. The cover needs to be different and not generic. Don’t use the same colour palettes, designs and visuals as other books in the market. Try to make your book design more on point with your own personalized brand.

Dull book covers with only text or a random photoshopped image do not do well in the market. Don’t fall for cheap design tactics. Instead, seek out illustrators, designers and creatives who are experts in the field. An expert can create the best, customized cover for you. Experiment with different styles and tones. Don’t be afraid to make your cover too colourful or busy, embrace creativity when making a book cover.

Hire an Expert

Marketing experts are one of the best resources you can utilize right now. A marketing expert will take care of your brand and your book and help guide you through the marketing process. They can arrange websites, social media, blog posts and even launch events for you. Marketing experts usually have the right connections so they can get you in touch with organizers, sponsors and creators who will be willing to market your book for you.

An expert can handle every aspect of the marketing process and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Relying on an expert will guarantee that your book is marketed in the best way possible. Marketing experts know how to get in touch with media outlets to promote your book, and they will create a marketing plan for you that suits your requirements.


Marketing is by no means an easy job. Book marketing can be a hit or miss if you don’t know what you are doing. Understanding the process and hiring a book marketing service help you in the best way to approach marketing for your book. By following the tips provided here, you can start marketing your book as soon as possible.

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