10 Reasons to Buy a Tablet (And 5 Reasons Not To)

You’ve waited and watched the market for months in anticipation of a tablet that you could enjoy. But maybe you’re posing the incorrect query. Why do you need a tablet in the first place, maybe, rather than “Which tablet should I buy?”

We’ve put up a quick guide to help you determine if you even need a tablet. Two gadgets that we can categorically suggest at the moment are the iPad and, if you’re into Android, the Galaxy Tab (although there is some talk of an upgrade coming soon). Don’t purchase, however, at this time. The Xoom, Playbook, and Touchpad are on their way, and the iPad 2 will be here shortly after.

Let’s discuss a few reasons to acquire a tablet before pulling out your credit card. Also a few arguments against it.

1.First, tablets are excellent e-readers

Although many would argue that the reading experience isn’t as as concentrated as single-purpose e-ink devices, and the text isn’t as readable, users haven’t been deterred from opening PDFs, comics, lengthy online articles, and other content on tablets despite these shortcomings. Additionally, kids books are entertaining in full colour, which Kindle cannot yet match.

2. Tablets function as mobile workstations

Nothing compares to a calendar and email window on a large screen. Although many of our phones now have PIM software, using a tablet’s larger screen provides a far better experience.

3. Tablets outperform outdated computers

Tablets can manage more information than a two-year-old laptop if you don’t need to write much, and they have more up-to-date games and applications.

4. Tablets work well for meetings

Tablets are a terrific way to discreetly take notes during meetings and, when things become dull, play Angry Birds on silent. However, you should still be paying attention throughout meetings.

5. Tablets are excellent for one-on-one presentations and exchanging photographs

Tablets are great for group picture sharing and are very useful for salesmen, real estate agents, and insurance adjusters. It really beats turning on a laptop and doing a presentation to have everything there in front of you on a neat tiny gadget.

6. Movies and music are excellent on tablets

A copy of Cars or Dora on an iPad is the best thing for youngsters to have when riding in a vehicle. A tablet costs a little less than placing soon-to-be-obsolete DVD-powered LCDs in the headrest, and our kids adore it. I also love watching movies on the iPad while flying, something I used to do with the iPod Touch.

7. Tablets cost less than a brand-new laptop

You’re considering getting a new netbook since your old coffee table laptop died. Make no effort. As we previously said, tablets are just as powerful as a normal $500 laptop.

8. Tablets don’t lose power

At the very least, it’s not a huge problem when they do collapse. All it takes to get them moving again is a brief reset.

9. Tablets are useful while travelling

The big screen and storage capacity of tablets make them ideal for dictionaries, dictionaries, and maps. Tablets often operate with Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Consider your tablet to be a galaxy-spanning Hitchhiker’s Guide.

10. Tablets are just awesome

They give you the impression that you are from the future.

And now, Five Reasons Tablets Aren’t Ready

1. Do tablets have the same portability as your current phone?

Can you conceal an iPad or TouchPad in your pocket the same way you can conceal a phone in your pocket? Unless your name is Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry, I don’t believe so. Is it the end of the world to carry a second bag just to holster your tablet? Don’t attempt to convince me that it is more portable than my handy small Android (or whatever) phone when it is obviously not.

2. Are there any games?

And, with all due respect to our lovely feathered companions, when I say games, I don’t mean stuff like Angry Birds. Will a tablet be compatible with Battlefield’s 64-player multi-player mode? Will World of Warcraft allow me to squander countless hours? Crysis 2 comes to mind. Tablets may have their place in the world, but a PC with a separate GPU will always be necessary to play genuine games to their best potential.

3. How much work are you capable of doing on one of these?

Does Photoshop exist there? When will the rendered video be ready? My best bet is that a tablet will be able to render a movie just once before my desktop PC, which has a quad-core CPU that is overclocked (to 4.0GHz) and hundreds of gigabytes of free space.

4. “While lounging in front of the TV, you may use a tablet to explore the Internet!

And they look fantastic in movies! All valid considerations, but why acquire another gadget when I can already access the web on my sofa with my tried-and-true laptop? That doesn’t seem very logical, does it? Regarding movies, I much prefer viewing them on a decent setup, such as a large screen TV with surround sound, a Blu-ray player, than seeing them crammed on a train or even in bed.

5. Within a few months, something better will appear

When netbooks first became popular a few years ago, do you remember? The state of computers in the future, etc. Tablets are the current soup de day, thus you almost ever hear them referenced anymore. We’ll all be writing “Remember tablets?” articles in four years, bemoaning the money we wasted on a pointless piece of transitional technology.

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