You should know that Dubai is the great city of entertainment where different types of monuments and huge shopping centers are mixed, under a futuristic vision. Dubai is a safe destination, Dubai is the capital of contrasts, exclusivity, luxury and tradition. Of the exceptional. An incredible destination.

Autumn and spring are a good time to travel to Dubai and visit its skyscrapers, stay in its spectacular hotel complexes and discover a paradise in the middle of the desert.

10 Reasons to visit Dubai

For this reason, we propose 10 magnificent reasons to travel to Dubai, apart from finding some of the traditional ones that you will find in any travel blog, we will tell you about some different and even curious ones. Discover them!

Stay at Burj Al Arab

The Hotel has a height of 323 meters and is its most representative symbol.

It is located on an artificial island, which stands out from the rest simulating the sail of a ship. The hotel only has suites of more than 170 square meters and seven luxury restaurants, one of them with a spectacular underwater view.

Stroll through Jumeirah Mosque

It is the only mosque that can be visited by non-Muslims, being a great example of modern Islamic architecture.

Feel like a winner at Godolphin Gallery

A museum that collects all the trophies, prizes and souvenirs obtained in the horse races at Godolphin Racing, belonging to the Maktoum royal family.

Walk through Majlis Ghorfat Um-Al-Sheef

The former summer residence of Sheikh Rashid bi Saeed al-Maktoum was built in 1955 out of gypsum and coral rock. Its main point of interest are the majlis gardens, which include a reproduction of a traditional Arab irrigation system.

Shopping at The Dubai Mall

This grandiose shopping center has an entertaining SEGA theme park and a fascinating aquarium where more than 33,000 marine species coexist, including 400 tiger sharks and rays.

Bathing in Jumeirah Beach Park

This beach is an ideal place for a weekend picnic. It attracts a large number of travelers looking for a swim and some sun with Dubai Desert safari tour.

Observe Burj Dubai

In order to get an idea of ​​the height of this gigantic building, it doubles the well-known Empire State Building in New York. Completed at the beginning of 2010, it measures 828 meters and on the 124th floor, about 400 meters high. In addition, a viewpoint was built from which the entire city can be seen.

Learn the culture at Al-Ahmadiya School

Built in 1912 by Sheikh Mohamed, it is the oldest college. Students paid a few rupees to attend. The Koran, mathematics, astronomy and calligraphy were taught.

Tour The Palm Jumeirah

It is the first of the three large artificial islands that have been built on its coast. The island has been built in the shape of a palm tree. Currently there is a hotel open, the Atlantis. The 17 branches are occupied by chalets, villas and small mansions with private beaches.

Visit Dubai Museum

You should spend at least a couple of hours to visit the Museum, before visiting the city. This is the best way to get closer to the history, culture and traditions of the emirate and understand its rapid evolution.

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