17 Best Meeting Minutes Templates to save time

Every organization’s work process includes meetings with unique templates in some capacity. They give people a chance to voice concerns, have productive conversations, and resolve internal difficulties. However, conferences might occasionally seem like a waste of time. especially when they drudge on and on with no overarching theme or goal.

There are a variety of tools that can help you save time and make your meetings more effective, whether you’re hosting an online meeting or getting everyone together in person. One of those resources is a meeting minutes template that is available for download or printing. By letting everyone know what transpired at the previous meeting and where you left off, you can keep everyone informed.

At the following meeting of your firm, don’t be scared to volunteer to take minutes. even if it’s something you’ve never done before. Even if it’s not the simplest chore, you’ll do just fine if you select the appropriate meeting minutes template in preparation.

Find Google Docs meeting minutes templates.

Google Docs is a fantastic resource for obtaining templates for all kinds of projects. You will need to sign into your Google Docs account and visit the Template collection in order to discover your meeting minutes templates.

1. Templates for Google Docs Meeting Notes

There are several different templates in the Work section. All three of the necessary templates are named Meeting notes. You’ll discover, though, that when you open them, they’re more appropriate for taking minutes than for recording private meeting notes.

The sections for the meeting’s participants, agenda, action items, and additional notes are present in all three templates, and they are somewhat similar. The design of the three is what separates them the most. You’re ready to go once you decide on a colour scheme and style.

2. Look for Microsoft Word templates.

Check out the Microsoft Word templates if you would rather use Word for taking notes than Google Docs. Within the app, you can locate them.

Enter meeting minutes in the search bar to find them when you open a new document. You’ll have a different range of choices depending on the Word version you’re using.

3. Stunning Minutes of Meeting

The Elegant Meeting Minutes Template is most likely the most flexible of all of them. It comes in an organised table with numerous sections where you can add details and additional information about your meeting. It also gives it a little bit of colour.

4. Official Meeting Records

Formal meeting minutes is a template that is an additional choice. It includes the same sections as well as a place to write additional meeting notes.

5. Minutes of Informal Conferences

A template titled “Informal meeting minutes” is also available in Word. As its name suggests, it has a more casual tone and will work better for smaller teams and gatherings.

You can select the one from these three templates that best suits your tastes and aligns with your objectives.

6. Basic Minutes of Meetings

Additionally, third-party websites offer Word templates. For instance, get one of Vertex42’s two primary free templates. On the left side of the image below is the first option, which is a simple choice with only a few sections. Better suited to small team meetings.

7. Detailed Minutes from Meetings

A thorough meeting minutes template is also available from Vertex42. There are additional fields to fill out, such as the caller’s name, the timekeeper’s name, the type of meeting, etc.

8. Online resources for Microsoft Word templates

Additional meeting minutes templates are available on the website if you prefer using the free Microsoft Word Online version.

If you browse the Templates category, you can find them under Minutes.

9. Conventional Meeting Minutes

The Classic meeting minutes format is advised. You won’t need to manually add anything because almost every conceivable detail is already present. Simply download it and complete the fields as your meeting progresses.

With a spot for the meeting secretary to sign your minutes, it is, however, unquestionably more appropriate for official and formal meetings.

10. Minutes of Meeting

Choose the cleaner option titled Meeting notes if you’re looking for something more straightforward or informal.

11. The meeting minutes for Double Stripe

The website offers a number of different templates that appear to be more imaginative in terms of colour and style for when you grow tired of the straightforward. A Double Stripe Meeting Minutes template is one of the ones that appears to be more inventive. You can even add your company’s logo in a dedicated space.

Although more customizable, these templates are probably not the best option if all you want to do is download a pre-filled form and fill it out as you go.

12. For Microsoft OneNote, look for templates

You can utilise the meeting minutes templates provided by the app if you’re using Microsoft OneNote. You can decide on the option with the best fit for your objectives or the one with the most visually appealing design.

On the upper left navigation menu, click Insert to access these templates. the right side, select Page Templates.

13. Minutes of unofficial meetings

If you’re not looking for the simplest template possible with just two sections (Simple Meeting Notes 1 & 2), take a look at the Informal Meeting Notes template. It is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated, but it has every section required to hold a meeting for a small or medium-sized team.

14. Notes from a formal meeting

Instead, select the Formal Meeting Notes if you are employed by a larger organisation.

This section has been expanded to include announcements, action items, and other meeting information.

The sections of formal meeting notes where you can summarise the meeting’s opening and closing, open issues, and approvals. making that design more appropriate for formal meetings at the highest levels.

15. Discover Evernote Templates

Perhaps you already use Evernote as a task management tool. However, it’s also excellent for making notes and recording minutes. It also includes custom meeting minutes templates.

16. Meeting Schedule Format

Here, unlike in OneNote, templates are not pre-installed; instead, you must download them from the Evernote support website. The Meeting Agenda Standard template is the first one that needs your attention.

This one is excellent for taking minutes and creating the agenda for future meetings.

Only the three sections for the agenda, notes, and action items are included in the basic standard template. suitable for a brief meeting or a small team gathering.

17.Expanded Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda Expanded contains more information. It includes almost all of the sections you’ll need to record meeting minutes, such as meeting details, goals, and outcomes, as well as agenda items. Both templates have a professional appearance and are simple to modify.

Bring More Impact to Your Meetings

Every note-taking app, regardless of which one you choose, comes with a variety of useful templates that can help you save time and improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

There are a tonne of third-party options available if the app does not contain the template you’re looking for.

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