3 Steps to Make Any audio file Your iPhone Ringtone

Now that your iPhone has been jailbroken, there’s no end to the amount of customizations you can make to it! From installing cool new apps and tweaks to making your iPhone case pop with color, there’s always something new to do with your device. However, if you’re looking for a small change that you can make right now, why not set any audio file as your iPhone ringtone? It’s quick and easy to do, and you don’t even need an app for it!

1) Use an online service

Do you want to make a audio file your phone’s ringtone? Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way:

  1. Open Apple Music or iTunes.
  2. Search for the audio file you want as your ringtone, then click the audio file title on the results page.
  3. Select Get Info in the pop-up window.
  4. Click Start Time, then enter the number of seconds before starting playing the audio file that you want to use as your ringtone.
  5. Click Stop Time, enter how many seconds until it will stop playing, and click OK.

2) Download it

When it comes to making music your iPhone ring light, there are two different ways you can do it. The first and the easiest is with iTunes. Connect your device to your computer and press the Ringtones tab. Next, select Import into Library from the drop-down menu, choose a audio file you want for your ringtone, then click the Buy button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Once the purchase has been made, go back to your phone’s Settings app, tap Sounds & Haptics on the left side of the page and select Ringtones. Tap Edit at the top of the page and then find your new ringtone under Custom Tones. Finally, tap Assign this tone as Ringtone or Text Tone.

3) Set it as your ringtone

  1. Use iTunes on your computer to download a audio file you want as your ringtone.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Click Sync in the bottom-right corner of iTunes and wait for it to finish syncing with your phone before disconnecting the cable.
  4. The audio file should now be accessible on your phone from Settings -> Sounds -> Phone Ringtone -> Choose audio file .


  1. Choose the audio file you want as your ringtone. In order to make music your iPhone ringtone, you need to download it onto your computer, then on to your phone (via iTunes).
  2. Rename the audio file and lower the volume by opening up iTunes and going into Preferences. Go under General then Import Settings.
  3. Now click Custom and input a lower number like 90%. Do not change this preference for any other audio file .
  4. Sync your device with iTunes to upload the new tone.

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