4 Best Wireless Earbuds to Look Out for in 2022

Wireless earbuds are one of the hottest new technologies in the market today, and it’s easy to see why: they let you listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts without getting tangled up in annoying wires or forgetting where you left your phone and having to go back and find it! The question is, though, which wireless earbuds are going to be the best in 2022? This guide will take you through four of the top contenders in 2022, so you can make an informed decision based on your own tastes and preferences.

1. Apple AirPods

The Apple AirPods are a pair of wireless earbuds that were first released back in December 2016. The AirPods were designed to be very small, light, and easy-to-use. One AirPod goes into each ear and it seamlessly connects with the other. With touch gestures on the outside of the earbud, you can interact with Siri or access your Apple Pay app. You can also take hands-free phone calls with these earbuds. These wireless earbuds use optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect when they’re in your ears. They also come with a built-in battery that is capable of providing five hours of talk time on one charge. They’re not just wireless headphones; they’re true wireless headphones!

2. Sony Ex-50BT

Sony Ex-50BT: These wireless earbuds have a three hour battery life, which is more than adequate for most people. It also has a charging case that can power the earphones another 10 hours, making it ideal for those who prefer not to worry about wires. The sound quality and comfort are great, making it one of the best wireless earbuds in the business. There is no reason why these should not be your number one choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet high quality product. #3. Bose SoundSport Free: If you are looking for best wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation, then this is the perfect choice. The audio quality and convenience that comes with this device cannot be beat! You will never feel like you have any regrets or qualms when purchasing these products because they’re so well worth the price tag!

3. JLab Audio Epic

The earbuds come with multiple ear tip sizes and a cord clip, which is a nice touch. They also feature a built-in microphone, which makes it easy to take calls or use Siri. This company has been around since 2003 and currently has over 600 5-star reviews on Amazon. #2. Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones: These headphones have great sound quality at an affordable price point of $119.99. And they are compatible with your smartphone’s voice assistant so you can skip songs and answer calls without touching your phone! #1. Bose SoundSport Free: One of the best wireless earbuds that we have found are these from Bose!

4. Samsung Gear IconX

Wireless earbuds have been around since before the iPod Touch, and their quality has increased by leaps and bounds over the past few years. If you’re looking for some newer, top-of-the-line wireless earbuds, then the best brand out there is Samsung Gear. Their newest wireless earbuds, the Gear IconX are sleek, beautiful, and sound great.

The battery life lasts up to 5 hours of playtime per charge with a 10 minute quick charge that gives you an hour of playback time when your battery gets low. The design includes two ergonomic pods that can be worn on either side of your head so they don’t bounce as much when running or working out at the gym.

5. Anker Soundcore Life Q30

Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless has evaluated the top Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds that fall under the $100 price point. These compact in-ear acoustic transducers provide exceptional sound quality and were created by a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry. You may utilise any Bluetooth device, like your smartphone, MP3 player, or Bluetooth-enabled device, with these incredibly comfy headphones. These headphones are ideal for allowing you enjoy uninterrupted listening in noisy conditions including bustling city streets, crowded subway trains, and traffic jams since its ANC technology decreases unwanted noise from up to 31dB in hectic circumstances.

Fans of pop and rock will find their auditory profile to be quite intriguing right out of the gate. While the voices and instruments take the lead, they deliver a powerful rhythm, thunder, and boom. They offer a user-friendly software that provides a clear EQ and pre-set if you wish to adjust them to your preferences.

6. Jaybird Vista 2

If you like the sound of the Jaybird Vista 2 Truly Wireless Headphones over the Bose QuietControls Earbuds but want something a little more sport-oriented. Although they are not completely waterproof, they do hold up in the rain, which is sufficient in our opinion.

We particularly appreciate the fin-shaped design, which holds them firmly in place on your ears even when you perspire. This feature is uncommon among other wireless earbuds.

We also like the fact that we can tailor our audio experience to fit the type of activity we’re engaged in, whether it’s just slowly strolling around or something more strenuous like jogging. Thanks to these awesome new capabilities, creating while wearing earphones is now much more enjoyable!

The sport-focused design of the Jaybird Vista 2 sets them apart from the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless. They can withstand unintentional submersion because they have received the IP68 dust and water resistance certification. Additionally, they offer a pleasant fin design that prevents movement or falling on your ears while you exercise.


It’s not too difficult to find a wireless earphone these days, but with so many options it can be hard to make the right choice. Therefore, we picked four of the best wireless earbuds on the market that will keep you entertained and looking good until 2023. The Samsung Galaxy Buds provide an excellent sound quality at an affordable price, while Plantronics Voyager 8200 Series headsets have superb noise-cancelling abilities and are durable enough to withstand anything your work day throws at them. The Beats Powerbeats Pro 2 are one of the best Bluetooth earphones on the market because they’re durable, feature amazing battery life, offer exceptional sound quality and all this comes at a surprisingly low price.

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