6 Resolutions You Should Make This Year to Help the Environment

It’s the last month of the year, so it’s the perfect time to set certain resolutions which we successfully fail again next year. However, there are certain things that you need to know that can’t be taken for granted and one of them is our environment. Though the world is focusing more on adopting certain junk removal and sustainable techniques still there is so much that is left.

The significance of lasting solutions

2023 should be the year that everyone prioritizes becoming green. More than ever, our world requires all of our attention and work. We may each play a tiny role in bringing about significant change by setting realistic objectives for a more sustainable future.

It is up to us to adapt our everyday routines to reflect a life that is more ecologically conscious. Despite the abundance of treasures that our world bestows, its resources are finite. The consequences might be devastating if we fail to see the need to change our conduct.

From transportation to our houses, there are several ways to reduce our impact on the environment. The environment cannot be repaired quickly. However, you may lessen your negative influence on the environment and feel good about it by changing your lifestyle.

·      Using reusable bottles

Each year, the US discards 20 billion water bottles in landfills. Only approximately 25% of the water bottles that individuals buy get recycled on average. Even though drinking tap water is typically safe and easy, buying bottled water is substantially more expensive.

According to Consumer Reports, drinking the same quantity of water from the tap would only cost you approximately $0.48 instead of spending roughly $346 on bottled water over the course of a year. (source) So that you always have one on hand, keep a reusable water bottle in your luggage, car, and place of employment.

Stop it with the coffee cups made of paper.

Stop bringing a paper cup (together with its matching disposable sleeve and lid) with you whenever you go for a cup of coffee. Our is in line with item number one on this list. You should equip yourself with a portable mug or cup to maintain your (sustainable) coffee habit.

·      Audit your waste.

To determine what you discard each week. It’s simple; throughout the course of the following week, gather all of the trash in one location—the garage works perfectly—instead of bringing it out daily and dumping it in the trash. Are there any single-use plastic items inside? If so, think about swapping it out with a reusable option. Zero-waste razors, produce bags, straws, and plastic sandwich bags, etc. are a few examples. As for other junk that can be given to charity or that is difficult for you to deal with on your own, hire some service like Tacoma Junk Removal or any other service based on your location or need.

·      Reducing shower time

Although you might like taking a lengthy, luxurious shower in the morning, did you realize that doing so wastes a lot of water? For instance, the shower is the primary usage of water in American homes. Spending less time in the restroom will benefit the environment and cost you less money. 2,400 liters of water may be conserved by taking a shower for only one minute less (which is 40 kg of CO2 per person). So, reducing your shower time is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

·      Green Purchasing

Are you an avid shopper? Do you realize how your buying has affected the environment? Well, maybe not you specifically, but single-use plastic has an effect on the ecosystem. For the most part of us, plastic is affordable, handy, and adaptable. Only 1% of the 100 billion plastic bags used annually in the US by individuals are recycled or reused. The remainder is allowed to be wasted. So, the best option is then to use reusable shopping bags.

·      Reduce waste in the bathroom or the kitchen

Start by concentrating on one room in your house. Reduce your usage of plastic, DIY certain projects, and stop buying goods you don’t need. This way you will discover how well you can manage your available resources without going overboard.

In the end, we would just want to say, there is still time to start caring for our environment. An easy way to start your sustainable journey is simply dealing with your waste efficiently. There are services like King County Junk Removal by “we junk haul” and others are also there to help you with your goals. So, all you need is to take an initiative. Good luck.

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