7 Ways Mobile App Development is making our Lives Easier!

Smartphones are the prowess of digital technology. Professionals use it to perform their tasks conveniently. And they’re even better for laypersons who want to enjoy the nerdy side of tech. Whether they wish to swipe and slide across screens, play games, click snaps, etc., the modern phone has it all. These handheld devices are making the best of our lives and, unquestionably, have become part and parcel of our lives.

Besides, this modern phone is changing every space and spectrum of life. It even beats the likes of personal computers, laptops, etc. If anything doesn’t run on this “now-fundamental” device, you must change course. Change your lifestyle or change the service provider – from the conformist desktop to the phone, it’s up to you.

Furthermore, smartphones have become mini-PCs we can carry on the go. Want to order food, reach your pocket, get groceries delivered to your doorstep, pick up the phone, or call an Uber? There you go. There’s nothing your phone cannot do today unless it’s a 20-year-old flip phone. The credit goes to mobile app development services creating software for the phones – apps, to be exact. Indeed, these programs have made our life hassle-free.

It even made education for students doable on these devices. Thanks to hundreds and thousands of educational apps that offer different subjects and course learnings free of cost. Likewise, we can also pay our bills without going outside. All in all, smartphones are everywhere for every purpose. Talking about the more extensive mediums of life where the cellphone is making waves, then these are the ones:

1. eCommerce

Traditional shopping and getting on the internet feel like a dream. But it’s true. Today, we can shop for anything from everywhere. Yes, you heard it right. Whether you want to buy a local product or wish to import items of your favorite brand, it’s now at your fingertips. From Amazon to eBay to AliExpress to Etsy, there are tens and hundreds of online shopping platforms. Electronic commerce, or eCommerce as we call it, is the marvel of the internet now possible via phone apps.

2. Food Ordering

Going shopping at the local square or purchasing stuff online, taking appetizing breaks is mandatory. Yes, even when you’re shopping online. There are tons of food-ordering apps available you can download from the app store.

Uber Eats is among the favorite food-ordering apps in the US. However, it’s one of the recent ones that got its boosts amid Uber’s car-hailing app service. Grubhub is one of the oldest food-ordering mobile apps launched in 2004. DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart, and goPuff are popular delivery food chains and restaurant gateways. Food Panda, Zomato, Deliveroo, Kim’s Kitchen, LINE Man, and Grab food are favorite food ordering apps among Southeast Asian nations.

3. Ride Sharing/Cab Hailing

You can buy a smartphone on a budget but not a car. But thanks to popular phone technology, people can connect with car owners and taxi drivers. Gladly, people without cars can now own a transitory vehicle for themselves. Uber, Lyft, Careem, Via, Ola, Gett, and Gojek are some of the best mobile apps. Indeed, reserving comfy cars for your daily commute was never this easy. Now you can easily sit back and relax without screaming ‘TAXI.’

4. Home Services

Whether it’s the pest control team, interior designers, lawnmowers, plumbers, carpenters, or movers, your phone does everything. Gladly, several local companies are not pursuing the power of the internet to reach their customers. Almost everyone living anywhere in the world can acquire home services from the comforts of their homes. And how can we forget the real estate business? We all know that land and building business is an affluent business in the real world. Thanks to phone apps helping the realtor sector flourish locally – and on the web.

5. Travel & Tours

Who doesn’t love to go on a vacation? Of course, we all do, and nothing can get the best of it, especially with family during holidays. Before the invention of smartphones, we had to go to the airport or train station to buy tickets. The worst nightmare was the long queues of aspiring holidaymakers. On top of that, those “Sorry Sir/Ma’am, all the seats are reserved,” “there are no booking slots,” and “houseful” announcements were heart-rending. Smartphones have joined tourists’ journeys, aiding them in booking their tickets through apps. TripAdvisor, with locals, Airbnb, Hopper, Google Travel, Headout, and Skyscanner are famous tourist guides in this regard.

6. Online Meetings

Face-to-face communications, job interviews, in-house team meetings, or board member conferences were strictly time-and-space bound. But not anymore! Thanks to various chatting web and app software for making them possible – and even more interactive. Now we can easily use popular chatting and e-meeting platforms to get in touch with people.

A good internet connection, a PC/phone, and good headphones/earbuds are enough for the one-to-one discussion. Surprisingly, people can now have group meetings on the same topic/theme. Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom are popular communication channels that allow multiple people to join virtual chat groups and conference rooms. This three-communication software for computers and phones has been downloaded a billion times by over 1 billion global users. Other popular apps include Cisco, Google Meetings, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WeChat, Glip, and Talky.

7. Online Classes

Surprisingly, every school student can enjoy the “celebrity child” homeschooling” institute version. Although computers and tablets are ideal for school and college students, phones can come in handy. WhatsApp, for instance, is essentially a phone app that connects teachers and students around the clock.

So, WhatsApp proves ideal if there is any upcoming class discussion, looming tests, or upcoming exam date. Of course, we all know that the “online class” standard wasn’t common globally until COVID-19 hit. Skype and Zoom meetings, for sure, are the best platforms for students and teachers. Honestly, software and apps for office employees will work equally best for toddlers, teens, and adults.


Smartphones combined with apps surely spark the perfect catalyst for convenience opportunists. And why not, since phones nowadays are the purist forms of digital technology, right?! Mobile applications are unambiguously hands-down for all of us. Nothing can beat mobile software when it’s about automating one’s life routines. Even payment systems have gone online via phone apps. Hence, you can quickly pay the bills and book your reserve your tickets and hotel rooms, respectively. Lastly, phones have become the perfect mediators for connecting us with our day-to-day chores and preferences.


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