8 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

The foundation of each firm is its accounting department. The process of preparing and handling invoices is one of the most essential parts of accounting. Although it might appear difficult and time-consuming, billing is an essential component of a flourishing company.

For this reason, a lot of small company owners use technology. Software for invoicing can produce invoices, assist in keeping track of expenditures, and handle online payments. You may concentrate on managing other company duties while using online invoicing systems.

Here is the top invoicing software for companies, independent contractors, and company owners.

What’s the Best Invoicing Software for Small Business?


Accounting and invoicing software for accountants and company owners is called FreshBooks. It provides several sophisticated invoicing capabilities for companies of all sizes. In addition to company owners, freelancers and self-employed professionals can utilize FreshBooks.

Time-tracking features, recurring invoicing, and customized invoice templates are all provided by FreshBooks. More than 100 applications are integrated with FreshBooks.

You may develop tailored, expert invoices for your customers with FreshBooks. You may send automated reminders for payments with this billing software. Additionally, you may handle bills and impose late fines.

Three fixed plans and one unique price plan are available. The Plus plan is the most well-liked. It offers limitless invoicing and automated spending tracking. Additionally, limitless estimates and proposals are included in this plan.

Regardless of your plan, you may try FreshBooks for free for 30 days.

A thorough bookkeeping system may be created using the facilities provided by this invoicing and billing software. Even help for moving away from your present program is provided.

Zoho Invoice

One of the greatest free invoicing programs designed for small and medium-sized enterprises is Zoho Invoice. You may make and send recurring invoices with Zoho Invoice. With the help of this program, you may also get payments on time.

Time monitoring, estimations, in-depth reporting, and client portal profiles are some of its accounting capabilities. Invoices can be delivered through customer portals, email, and SMS. Payment methods accepted include cash, cheques, credit cards, and bank transfers.

Businesses from a variety of sectors depend on Zoho Invoice. This covers, among other things, the tourist, photography, fashion, and music industries.

This service is also available to independent contractors and self-employed people.

Invoicing in several languages and currencies is available using this free billing software. Additionally, customers may design editable templates for various invoice kinds.

There are some restricted features because Zoho Invoice is free.

You can transmit up to 10 processes per module using the automation tool. Each year, you also receive 1,000 bills. To utilize any of Zoho Books’ bookkeeping functions, you must have a subscription.

For both iPhone and Android smartphones, Zoho Invoices provides a mobile app.

Invoice Ninja

For companies of all sizes, Invoice Ninja offers free invoicing software. You have all the tools you need for effective bookkeeping with this accounting program.

It enables you to automate invoices, sync bank accounts, and take payments online. Inventory control, time-tracking tools, and payment processing are further capabilities.

Since Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoicing system, internal developers will love it. It features over 1,000 app connectors and several payment channels.

The free smartphone app lets you use mobile invoicing as well. Both Google Play and the App Store provide it.

The use of Invoice Ninja involves four stages. You first register for a free account. Next, add your company’s details and submit your logo. Select a payment processor. You may choose from WePay, PayPal, Stripe Connect, and more.

You may now begin producing invoices.

Only four customisable invoice templates are available in the free plan. For access to the additional invoice and quotation templates, you must be a member of the Ninja Pro or Enterprise programs.

Square Invoices

The top payment processing software is Square Invoices. For various business models, you may select invoice templates. Consider the following industries: food and drink, retail, beauty, services, and huge corporations.

It includes the option to set up recurring billing and produce recurring invoices, as well as real-time invoice tracking. You may use it on any of your devices, and setup is simple.

There are no monthly costs associated with using Square Invoices after you join up. Instead, you must pay a tiny charge each time you send an invoice to someone. Additionally, Square Invoices provides a premium option for $20 per month. Regardless of your plan, the invoicing cost is 2.9% + $0.30.

However, you must take into account certain additional costs. These are the costs for ACH payments, card-on-file payments, and online paid invoices. You may get tools for managing cash flow thanks to this app.

You can manage your company’ finances with the help of Square Invoices.


Software for creating invoices called Invoicera is designed for large, small, and independent contractors. Auto-billing, time tracking, and cost management are all features of this accounting program. Project management capabilities are also included in this platform for billing and accounting.

You may either ask for a free demo or a free trial of Invoicera. There are four options available, one of which is free. The Pro, Business, and Infinite plans are paid options.

The Business plan is the most popular, however the Infinite plan allows for an infinite number of clients.

You may individualize each invoice using Invoicera for each business. You can manage your money well and receive payments more quickly. You can streamline the whole invoicing process using Invoicera.

The finest standalone invoicing program for accounts payable and receivable is Invoicera. Invoicera may be integrated with several accounting programs. The invoicing app is also available for Android and iPhone.

QuickBooks Online

A complete company solution for accounting and bookkeeping, QuickBooks Online. You may send as many invoices as you like each day. Tracking spending, creating customized invoices, and inventory management are further advantages for invoicing.

You may collaborate and work with several users at once using QuickBooks Online. Even the sales tax rate may be determined using the address of your consumer.

With QuickBooks, you can produce, distribute, and receive thorough reports. Invoices may be followed in real time. It also provides tools for project management.

There are three premium programs and a free trial for QuickBooks Online. The Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus plan are your options. Remember that all three options include an unlimited number of customers. QuickBooks Online is more expensive when compared to alternative invoicing software solutions.

QuickBooks Online is a potent accounting solution that may support the expansion of your company. It frees up your time and aids in keeping you organized. You won’t ever misplace a receipt again with QuickBooks Online.


Accounting and invoicing software for small enterprises is called Harvest. It has extensive project management and billing tools.

You may create invoices, collect payments, and get alerts when an invoice is underpaid. The reporting and analytical tools can assist in maintaining the budgets’ objectives.

Cost monitoring, a number of payment channels, and client portal profiles are additional capabilities for invoicing. For the billing and invoicing operations, it has more than 50 connectors. Harvest may even be integrated with the majority of invoicing programs used by enterprises.

The finest billing software for expanding companies is Harvest, which doubles as a communication tool.

The free plan from Harvest includes one seat and two projects. However, the Pro plan provides limitless invoices and customers. A 30-day trial period is offered for each plan.


If you want to issue invoices quickly and effectively, Invoice2go is the best invoicing software. Premium accounting functions are available with this invoicing program. From a single device, you can add, track, and distribute invoices. Even the templates for invoices can be changed.

Invoice2go is accessible to companies of all sizes. The ease of use of this invoicing program is crucial. On your mobile device, you may install Invoice2go. Additionally, connectivity with outside accounting software is possible with Invoice2go.

Three price options are available. The Starter plan, Professional plan, and Premium plan are some examples.

The Premium plan, although being the most expensive, allows you access to an infinite number of invoices. Additionally, you can use this plan to automatically bill repeat clients and send recurring bills.

It’s simple to use and comprehend Invoice2go. It’s perfect for companies who are just starting out with bookkeeping and accounting.

Invoice2go is reasonably priced in comparison to other invoice-generating software.

How Do You Choose the Best Invoicing Software for Your Small Business?

For owners of small businesses, it might be difficult to find the ideal invoicing software. There are four important things to think about. These include the cost, the ability to customize, and the integration of apps.

Start by looking for invoicing tools that can accommodate the demands of your company.

The top invoicing applications provide you more options than just sending and charging bills. Additionally, you should personalize your invoices and maintain a record of them.

The majority of invoicing programs provide both free and premium options. Additionally, there are invoicing programs available for free, such as Zoho Invoice. Usually, free plans have restrictions. This is why a big part of the selecting process is your money.

Look for invoicing software with accounting functions that may assist you in streamlining the billing procedure by generating recurring invoices, establishing reminders for delinquent charges, and generating general reports. Also, keep an eye out for different customizing choices.

Your ideal accounting software should streamline your daily tasks.

Make careful to compare various online billing providers. While some software is suitable for small enterprises, other software works better for independent contractors. All sizes of organizations may benefit from the best invoicing service.

Key Takeaways

For small firms, billing software simplifies bookkeeping and accounting. You can concentrate on other things because it takes care of all the financial elements of a firm. However, it might be difficult to discover an online invoicing provider for your company.

The key is to select invoicing software that works well for your company. The first step is to take your budget into account. Be careful to compare the many pricing options. Checking whether the program delivers services for the kind of business you operate is the final stage.

All of the invoicing programs on this list can benefit your company. However, FreshBooks provides an entirely configurable invoicing interface. Additionally, switching from your current program to FreshBooks is simple.

FAQs on Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

What is the best invoicing system for small businesses?

Your demands for accounting and invoicing software should be satisfied by the finest invoicing system. Small and medium-sized businesses that struggle with bookkeeping and accounting should use FreshBooks. Its accounting functions are sufficient to take the role of an organization’s complete bookkeeping system. Additionally, it offers an outstanding customer service team that is there to help you.

How do you invoice customers quickly?

There are several techniques to expedite the billing process. You can strengthen your invoicing system, retain correct records, demand upfront payments, and employ payment plans. However, using invoicing software is the fastest way to invoice clients.

Can I create an invoice myself?

You may generate invoices on your own in a variety of ways. To produce unique invoices that are tailored to your needs, utilize FreshBooks templates. Making an invoice from scratch with this method is significantly simpler than utilizing document applications.

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