After Panasonic and Samsung Its LG’s turn to Launch a 3D TV : The LG LX9900 3D TV

LG-3DThe LG LX9900 3D TV will be available for sale from May. The LED-backlit flat screen comes in 47 and 55-inch sizes and can pump out 1080p images. It’s also super thin, at just 3.16cm in depth. The LG LX9900 3D TV display is astonishingly fast 400Hz and it has free view HD and Wi-Fi for a bit of home server media streaming.

The LG LX9900 3D TV will also support a 3D Blu-ray player through HDMI 1.4, which is just as well, since, alongside the LG LX9900 3D TV, LG has launched a 3D Blu-ray player, the LG BX580, which too packs Wi-Fi, and the option to plug in an external hard drive so you can bring your own videos.

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