Alternativas a Zona libros XYZ. ¿Ha cerrado o ya no funciona? ¡Libros gratis!

Si buscas alternativas a Zona libros XYZ porque presenta fallas, ha cerrado o ya no funciona, has llegado al lugar correcto. As a matter of fact, downloading free books from the web is a common practice among internet users. However, you shouldn’t put all your faith in XYZ to track down your books since the consequences might be disastrous if the service suddenly stops working, is temporarily disabled, or is shut down permanently.

¿Zona libros XYZ ha cerrado o ya no funciona?

As of 2017, Libros gratis, also known as Zona libros XYZ, has gained a lot of notoriety for being a convenient resource for downloading free Spanish books, much like Lectulandia, Freelibros, and Biblioteca. Unfortunately, Zona Libros XYZ has been experiencing a lot of problems with content downloads and user access as of late; as a result, users need to have backup plans in place so they may continue to gain from more entertainment and education.

Content can be downloaded from Zona Libros XYZ by clicking on a link, after which the user can save the books to their computer in a variety of formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

Una vez descargados, es posible copiar el contenido del libro en cualquier lector como Kindle de Amazon por ejemplo. In addition, a suitable programme can be used to read books on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer. Books at Zona Libros XYZ can be found in a wide variety of genres and subgenres. This includes everything from romance to horror to suspense to police procedurals and more.

If visitors to the site can’t find the title they’re looking for, they can submit their own requests for it. The search system is straightforward, requiring only the book’s author’s name or title.

However, given that Zona Libros XYZ doesn’t function as well as it did initially, we wanted to give you other options so you wouldn’t be left unable to download the books you want to read.

Mejores alternativas a Zona Libros XYZ

In this section, we will show you the best sites that serve as alternatives to Zona Libros XYZ, where you can download books across a wide variety of genres and topics, including novels, classic texts, children’s books with suspenseful themes, essays, and more.

These links may pique your interest: Alternativas a Dilo Nu, 11 pages to download books for free in 2023 with no signup required, and Alternativas an Espaebook. Has closed/stopped working?

1 Project Gutenberg (ES / ING)

If you want a reliable place where you can download freely available texts, look no further. When you want to have more options other than Zona Libros XYZ because it’s stopped working, Project Gutenberg is one of the most reliable and effective ones.

Since the books in this collection are in the public domain, they can be downloaded by anyone for no cost. This means that you may legally obtain the file for download or that the author’s rights have long since expired. (ES / ING)

Here’s another place where you can get your hands on digital copies of public domain works. You can also download the PDF version of the text to read whenever and wherever you like.

You can find American and Canadian libraries, poetry audiobooks, book collections, music books, spirituality books, and religious books, among many other things, in’s arsenal.

3 Open Library (ES / ING)

Open Library operates as a digital library with the goal of providing a unique web address for each book in its collection. This works this way because direct book downloads are not allowed, like what is provided by Zona Libros XYZ. When you want to read a book that is in the public domain, you can get it by linking to its archive or source on the Gutenberg website.

Free online books from a large library are available to read here as well. Hacer un rastreo de tus libros favoritos y probar el explorador de la biblioteca virtual. Encuentra desde libros clásicos, libros del mes, títulos de todos los tiempos, libros con títulos recientes, románticos, infantiles, suspenso, etc.

4Wikibooks (ES)

Wikibooks, a Wikimedia project, is an alternative to Zona Libros XYZ since it gives readers unrestricted, free access to educational textbooks, guides, and other writings.

There are books on natural history, science and technology, culinary arts, raising children, and many other topics. You’ll also be able to quickly go to the most popular books on the site.

5Oca y Pulpo (ES)

Oca y pulp serves as a reliable substitute for Zona Libros XYZ. It’s one of those non-profit editorial websites whose aim is to make freely available online materials that are out of print or otherwise hard to find (maybe because their author has passed away) to as wide an audience as possible.

6Tales for Algernon (ES)

If you’re looking for Spanish-language science fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction, this site is a great alternative to Zona Libros XYZ. This is a private endeavor presenting previously unpublished works by well-known authors from across history. Therefore, Tales for Algernon is a website for science fiction fans that provides a large free content library.


These are genuine, illustrated Spanish books for kids. More than a hundred illustrated books, poems, and dictionaries may be accessed and printed online.

Several books on the Marguaré website may be printed in black and white so that kids can color them in as they choose. Some others have music or audio as well. Among the best places to look for Spanish-language printable books, this one may replace the likes of Zona Libros XYZ.


Kobo may produce some of our favorite electronic readers, but the company also has a large collection of electronic books and claims that more than a million of them are free. All of Kobo’s freebies may be found in one convenient place on their website; many of them are brand-new releases. As such, it serves as a viable substitute for Zona Libros XYZ.

You may also look for free electronic books in the Kobo Store by doing a search for the author’s name, the book’s title, or the genre, and then choosing “solo free articles” from the price filter menu on the left side of the search results page.

Kobo’s limited-time offers are subject to change on a daily basis, but you’ll probably never be without free, quality reading material because of this. All books purchased from the Kobo Store, including the free ones, are protected by digital rights management and may only be read on a Kobo e-reader or the Kobo e-reader app for smartphones and tablets.

You now have access to a variety of other book resources than Zona Libros XYZ, allowing you to obtain the title you want to read online or download it to your device via links and read it whenever you choose. To give you a wide range of reading options, we also have children’s books, novels, suspense books, action novels, and so on.

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