Amazon Unclaimed Packages: What they are and Where to buy

Has Amazon messed up your order or failed to deliver it? Amazon orders frequently fail to arrive at your door for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that the address is incorrect, the delivery firm jumbled up the shipments, someone marked the package as undeliverable, or the order got misplaced in the warehouse.

Whatever happens, the package can’t suddenly disappear into thin air; it still exists somewhere. Continue reading to find out more about Amazon’s unclaimed items. That order you never received is still out there, and you could even stumble upon it. Unclaimed packages are listed here, along with where to purchase them.

What Are Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

A package may only be kept in a warehouse for up to 90 days, according to a policy followed by Amazon and other comparable businesses. The recipient has the option to pick up the package at any time within this window. The Amazon package will just be marked as unclaimed if that doesn’t happen. The same item will frequently be sent again or refunded by Amazon to the purchaser.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the original unclaimed
parcel though?

The fun part starts right here. These packages are put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder in order for Amazon to recoup its losses. Amazon merely sells them in bulk on auction websites like GovDeals or instead of opening every shipment and inventorying it.

Typically, eCommerce companies and nonprofit organisations are the customers at these websites. They either sell the complete set or the separate components. However, you may purchase these packages and receive some fantastic products at a very low cost. You should be aware that there are several kinds of unclaimed Amazon parcels being offered; some of them may include valuable products for which you would spend a fortune, but others may contain ineffective or even useless items. Online stores or neighbourhood swap meetups are often where individual customers purchase unclaimed Amazon shipments. Even social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok started to follow this trend. The video producers would purchase Amazon boxes and open them in front of the camera to display the fantastic deals they had found. These mystery shipments, or even pallets of boxes, can contain anything from pricey Louis Vuitton clothing and high-end Apple electronics to affordable undergarments or gift cards to Target or Starbucks. Some of the most watched material on YouTube includes the unboxing videos.

Unclaimed Amazon Packages: What They Are, What They Cost

There are manifestos of the packages that some eCommerce and liquidation companies are reselling, and in them, they specify the things, their models, and their serial numbers. They occasionally have labels that are fairly general, like Electronics, Toys, or Books. Although the contents of the box are generally apparent, there are no specifics provided for each item. You can then assess whether the bundle is worthwhile for the money you are

spending by having some understanding of what you are purchasing.

Unclaimed Amazon boxes can be valued as low as $1 or as much as several thousand dollars. Numerous variables affect this. The
boxes may be entirely unlabeled, and frequently neither the seller nor the buyer know what is inside. They are frequently called blind
boxes. The items that have at least a general label, however, are of more worth. The ones marked as electronics will cost more
than those marked as toys. There is no assurance that the items within some packages, which were kept in a warehouse for an excessive amount of time, are undamaged. Expect some of the things you receive from Amazon to be opened or perhaps broken. Where to Buy Amazon Packages that Are Unclaimed Direct purchases from the Amazon liquidation site are your greatest option for undelivered or returned Amazon packages. You can browse through multiple auctions here and, if available, read specifics about each pallet of products. These websites offer any unclaimed mail from other delivery providers, such as UPSP,
not just goods from Amazon. Additionally, they provide products that have been returned or have expired from stores like Target or Walmart. Some vendors can arrange for the pallets to be shipped, but you should be aware that transportation charges sometimes exceed the value of the item you are bidding on.

The following websites allow you to place bids for the unclaimed Amazon packages:


The best feature of is the ability to sort bids based on your desired purchase amount as well as product type. You can buy unclaimed Amazon mail by choosing a truckload, pallet, or package. For your convenience, often lists the products included in the packages. Depending on the number of bidders, the bids can start as little as $100 and go very high. There are some pallets and shipments that can be purchased right away, without auctions. Some of the unclaimed packages are also made available by for international shipping.

2. Direct Liquidation

On Direct Liquidation, you may purchase Amazon shipments by placing a bid or by choosing the Buy Now option. This e- liquidation business offers both new and refurbished goods with a 90-day warranty. You have the option of either picking up the
products yourself from their warehouse or having the business arrange shipping.

On Direct Liquidation, a range of stock sizes, including pallets, truckloads, and single packages, are available. A lot of individuals trust Direct Liquidation because of its straightforward and secure transaction processes.


BULQ is a liquidation business that works exclusively with Amazon. Every day, fresh things from the liquidation are put on sale. Others are offered in brief auctions that run fewer than three days, while some have fixed pricing. There are no refunds allowed for any purchases made through BULQ. BULQ, however, ensures that packages and even objects inside are captured in high-quality pictures. You know exactly what you are buying since they have comprehensive manifestos. If an item is possibly defective or not functioning as intended, it will always be stated in the box description. You can choose to arrange delivery of your Amazon orders on your own or pay BULQ’s delivery service a standard price of $30.
The largest pallet liquidation company in the US is American Pallet Liquidators. They are a great spot to look for mystery boxes, pallets, and even truckloads because they are accustomed to dealing with Amazon goods. To go through or take an inventory of the Amazon parcels, they don’t open them. Your purchase will be made in the dark, which is the best part! You can personally visit this company’s largest warehouse to see the pallets of products that are being liquidated. You might determine whether to take a chance and purchase them based on how the packages feel to the touch.

4. Barton’s Deals

In the past, Barton’s Discounts has helped Amazon resolve unclaimed deliveries, overstocked or returned goods, and shelf pulls. They provide mystery boxes in addition to selling truckloads of Amazon liquidation pallets. Barton’s Discounts is an excellent option for the hassle-free purchase of Amazon’s unclaimed parcels because company has its headquarters in Indiana.

5. BlueLots

In addition to deliveries from some of the biggest US merchants, BlueLots also provides Amazon return pallets. Since they don’t mark up the goods, they differ from other liquidation businesses. They instead bill the retailers directly. UPS, FedEx, and USPS are their shipping options.

6. 888 Lots

More than 10,000 Amazon returned packages have been classified into more than 30 categories and are available at 888 Lots. Everyone is welcome to haggle with the seller, even though truckloads, pallets, and shipments often have fixed rates. The information on pallets on this liquidation platform includes things like Amazon sales rankings, Amazon reviews, photos, item descriptions, serial numbers, and condition. Either you arrange your own transportation or you pay 888 Lots postage in advance
for $12.99.

7. B-Stock

In order to sell return package pallets in the US, EU, and UK, Amazon collaborated with B-stock. The costs, delivery costs, and physical condition of the packages will vary substantially due to the variety of places. Even while you can browse the auctions without creating an account on the B-Stock platform, you’ll need one to view each auction’s details, if they’re available.

Advice on How to Avoid Fraud

It can seem like Christmas every day when purchasing unclaimed Amazon deliveries. On top-notch goods, you can get some excellent bargains. There is always a chance of coming across con artists, though, as with all internet business with its auctions, sales, and fantastic offers. You must develop the ability to play it safe. Never spend a lot of money on blind box purchases if you’re a first-time shopper. Keep things safe and straightforward until you have more experience. This will not only assist you in avoiding scammers but also help
you understand how online auctions operate.

  • When purchasing unclaimed Amazon shipments, follow these straightforward rules to stay away from con artists:
  • Only purchase from reliable websites. Expand your buying experience exclusively to the websites that have been approved
    by other users after starting with those that are mentioned below.
  • Review and comment on every vendor you intend to work with. If you intend to purchase mystery boxes, this is very crucial. While pleasant surprises are lovely, you don’t want to be taken by a scam.
  • Go over each sale’s terms and conditions that are stated on auction or e-commerce websites. You don’t want to acquire damaged goods that you won’t be able to exchange.
  • Whenever possible, shop locally. Despite not being a fraud, shipping expenses can be expensive. You can avoid paying for unclaimed Amazon deliveries by shopping locally or even at a swap meet.
  • Always be certain that you are purchasing safely. Buying tampered- with boxes is not something you want to do. To pay less and earn more is the whole premise of purchasing unclaimed packages. When deciding how much to pay, keep in mind that there is never a guarantee that the products you receive will be in good condition. Particularly with blind boxes, sometimes even the best offers turn out to be a scame.

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