AOMEI Partition Assistant: A free partitioning tool 

Free disc partition programme called AOMEI Partition Assistant SE offers all the standard partitioning capabilities you would expect, in addition to some uncommon advanced features.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the capacity to construct a Windows OS that is available to the programme before Windows runs, in addition to becoming a partition manager and having the ability to duplicate, extend, resize, remove, and format partitions.

Complete Details

  1. Functions on Windows 11 (and predecessors), Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  2. PE Windows With AOMEI Partition Assistant SE, you may create a bootable disc or USB device that can be used to manage partitions if the operating system can’t be restarted or if you want to avoid having to reboot after making changes.
  3. Everything you do is online and won’t affect your discs until you choose Install, at which point all of your actions will be completed sequentially in the order you choose.
  4. Without needing to restart the computer, it may increase the system partition.
  5. By relocating applications to a new disc, App Mover enables you to save up space.
  6. You may easily change the size of the variation by setting the settings yourself to determine the split’s size or by sliding the left or right button to make it smaller or bigger.
  7. It is simple to merge two neighbouring partitions into a Wizard for Merging Partitions
  8. You may paste entire material from one hard drive or partition onto another using the Copy Wizard; You may decide whether to replicate the drive/partition whole, sector by category, free space included, or only the data.
  9. It facilitates OS migration to Windows 10 SSD.
  10. A restart is necessary when moving the operating system to a separate hard disc, which is comparable to copying.
  11. With a single click, the whole drive may be instantaneously deleted.
  12. The following file programmes might be present in new components: ExFAT, NTFS, FAT/FAT32, EXT2/EXT3, or unformatted.
  13. Without destroying the data, the converter may switch the file system between NTFS and FAT32.
  14. Contains a solid-state drive (SSD) erasing wizard to help you restore your SSD to its initial condition.
  15. You may utilise the default defrags on a daily, weekly, monthly, or event-based schedule using scheduled defrags.
  16. Without sacrificing data, two divisions may be consolidated into one.
  17. The approach allows for the creation of a portable version and the ability to divide and hide Separation into two separate files.
  18. When the installation is finished, the application has the option to shut down the machine.
  19. To attempt to recover deleted or missing portions, utilise the Partition Recovery Wizard.
  20. Choose files and directories that can be permanently removed using several data cleansing techniques, such as Writ Zero, Random Data, DoD 5220.22-M, or Gutmann
  21. Any damaged disc components may be found with a disc scan test.
  22. Disks may be changed from MBR to GPT.
  23. supports volume label and drive character modification
  24. To remove all data, partitions and hard drives may be wiped.
  25. Any partition may be utilised with Chkdsk to try and fix issues.

Final Words

After using a number of free split programmes, we have to admit that we prefer AOMEI Partition Assistant. The visual interface is not only well-designed and simple to use, but it also contains all the standard and sophisticated capabilities that anybody would expect—all for free.

The Windows PE version is something else we should cover. Even without an operating system installed, you may use it to quickly set up partitions. Although it is delivered on a disc or USB device, such a flash drive, the software is identical to the one operating on Windows.

Using the “Bootable Media” process, which enables you to immediately burn on a disc or USB device, you may build this Windows PE disc. The software will then be sent to an ISO file, which you can use on a virtual machine or directly burn on a disc or USB device.

There are a few functions that are not included in this basic tool since AOMEI Partition Assistant also comes in a professional edition. However, compared to other free disc partition apps, this version still has more helpful features.

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