How to View a Private Instagram Account: 8 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps

The good news is that you no longer have to stalk. Instagram, as the social media center of interest, gives its users complete anonymity. Instagram offers private account options for people who want a small circle of followers. We’ve all stalked at least one person at some point in our lives, so no judgments here. Here are some of the top private Instagram viewer applications available on the internet.

Stalking is an art if you know what I mean. It would be preferable if you did not indicate your existence by falling to like their images. There are several excellent third-party programs accessible online for stalking private Instagram profiles, even if they have blocked you. Private Instagram viewer applications for iPhone and Android are now available. Some apps provide perfect anonymity without the need to enter an Instagram account to stalk.

There are few genuine private Instagram viewer apps available; most web programs are bogus. Furthermore, just a handful of anonymous Instagram story watcher programs provide a free trial period. We’ve highlighted the greatest ones for you. Are you excited to learn about these secret Instagram watcher apps? Let’s go forward without boasting too much. Path of EX has compiled a list of the top private Instagram watcher applications.

Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Instagram gives you the ability to manage the visibility of your account. You may establish a private Instagram account with close friends and family, restrict the number of people who see your stories, and even make your messages invisible in your chatbox. Instagram is fantastic!

Only the individuals they select may see their content and information on a private Instagram account. However, with private Instagram viewer programs, it is possible to see all photographs and videos without having to follow them. Let’s get started with the applications.


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POSTEGRO is a private Instagram watcher app that does not need a survey. POSTEGRO will not alter any settings on your phone to function. It is also not insistent on running other apps. POSTEGRO is a private Instagram viewer app that does not need human authentication. It does not need the installation of any other software.

The POSTEGRO user interface is simple, and no survey is required. You have a certain amount of time to spend on a specific private account before you must pay. The software is intended for Android users. iPhone users may get access using a web browser.

How to access POSTEGRO

  • Download the POSTEGRO private Instagram viewer app or go to the website.
  • Log in to your ‘Instagram account.’
  • Enter the private account’s ‘username.’
  • Select ‘Confirm.’

2. InstaFree View

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InstaFree View is the new kid on the block. It’s quite basic. Enter the username in the search box and click ‘Search Instagram posts’ – that’s all there is to it. You will be fed all the most recent Instagram posts from the specified account.

If you choose a certain post, you could also see the comments on that post. It’s an excellent approach to monitoring a public account without alerting the owner. It is a free tool that functions better without human verification and surveys.

3. InstaRipper

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InstaRipper is a private Instagram viewer software that offers additional capabilities to its users. It is more probable that you will be able to regain your previous account or get access to other Instagram accounts.

Instagram will ban that IP address after multiple unsuccessful login attempts. InstaRipper instantly generates bogus IP addresses, making it simple to get access to an account.

4. Private Photo Viewer

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Private Photo Viewer is one of the greatest private Instagram applications with a plethora of functions. To examine the contents of a private Instagram account, just enter the username and click Continue.

This secret Instagram viewer tool allows you to download private profiles and stories without signing in.

5. IGExclusive

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IGExclusive is one of the most popular private Instagram viewer applications. It is completely free and takes much less time to process. You may browse any private Instagram account without signing into your own account. This private Instagram watcher app does not need a survey.

6. Image Rocket- Real private Instagram viewer

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It is a legitimate private Instagram viewer app that works well on both mobile and desktop. They advertise themselves as the new Instagram online viewer, stalker, and downloader.

Image Rocket gives you access to the accounts that have banned you. Accounts may be stalked indefinitely.

7. MyStalk

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MyStalk is a great private Instagram watcher tool that guarantees perfect anonymity. The program outperforms all its rivals in terms of speed. This program loads data quickly. However, every gift has cost-annoying advertisements been the lone disadvantage.


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It is a web-based application that works nicely on Android and iPhone. Private Instagram photographs may be downloaded online. Copy the URL of the desired picture and paste it into the web browser.

Final Thoughts

The finest private Instagram watcher apps in 2022 have been explored in this post. Using these programs is just a convenient alternate way. By submitting a follow request, the authentic one will always seek permission to visit a private Instagram. You may even utilize additional apps to spoof your following counts, making your account seem more legitimate.

All these private Instagram viewer applications operate well, but we’d want to hear about your user experience. Which one was most beneficial to you? After stalking, please let us know in the comments. Adios till then!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app for seeing private Instagram accounts?

Some of the greatest programs for seeing private Instagram accounts include POSTEGRO, MyStalk, and Insta-downloader. There are several private Instagram viewer applications for stories and reels.

How can I get access to someone’s private Instagram account?

The easiest approach to get their approval is to send them a friend request. To track them, utilize private Instagram viewer programs like Instalooker or SpyHuman. To make your account seem more real, you may also employ phoney follower generators.

Is it unlawful to see private Instagram accounts?

It is determined by your goal. If you are only a stalker using third-party programs, it may not be a major issue—but it is still immoral. It is immoral and unlawful to impersonate someone else and conduct fraud. We suggest that you do DYOR with any legal counsel.

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