Bring your data to life with Power BI And Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI And Business Intelligence

How do you create your reports? Excel? And how much time does it take to create the reports? Most companies spend a lot of time preparing reports.

And then the question remains whether all data is correct, because data is copied from all kinds of files and / or is copied manually. The solution to this problem: reporting software. Or more specifically: Microsoft Power BI.

Combine all your data with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a tool that converts data into visual reports. But it is more than a reporting tool. Power BI collects and combines all data present in your organization (for example from Excel sheets, your ERP system, but also Google Analytics) and processes it into beautiful visual reports.  BI reporting is part of (a number of subscriptions of) Office 365.

Because it combines data from different sources, it gives you new insights that could not be made possible until now. Simply because in the past they were all separate systems. From now on you will get the best management information to make the best decisions, based on combined facts.

Visualize your data with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft provides standard out-of-the-box reporting and integrations, so you can take advantage of the many possibilities of Power BI within minutes. Adjustments in the reports can be made graphically, without any knowledge of coding being required.

Due to the simple user interface, everyone can quickly and easily present the desired data. By means of dynamic graphs, the data of the entire overview is centered around the chosen filtering with one click.

Analysis tool

Facts in the form of data that help you make analyses. Managing on (actual) figures has never been so easy as with Power BI . So Power BI is more than a reporting tool. We can rightly call it an analysis tool.

Power BI gives you live dashboards and interactive reports so you can analyze data faster and more efficiently. The visualization of this data can be arranged according to your own wishes so that you can create the most beautiful reports. You can then publish it via, for example, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams if you wish .

Business Intelligence (BI): what is it?

There is a lot of talk about BI these days, but what exactly is it?
BI stands for Business Intelligence, which can be freely translated into knowledge about the organization. This knowledge is gained through the available information. BI can therefore be seen as viewing company information. This is done in most cases through reports on processes and business activities.

What is BI used for?

BI is used in organizations as control information to manage business processes. In order for these processes to run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to collect data, convert it into relevant information and perform analyzes on it.

Organizations that have a lot of data at their disposal can therefore develop different BI reports. These reports full of valuable business analyzes mean that decisions can be made faster, which are also more effective and efficient.

Who Uses BI?

BI reports are mainly used by (higher) management to make decisions. Based on the insights they have obtained, management can direct processes or make a request for optimization to those responsible within the organization.

The management team often uses BI reports to view the most relevant information in a clear way. This way they can continue to switch gears quickly .

How is a BI report created?

A BI report must be developed in a business intelligence tool. There are several business intelligence tools on the market. A tool that is widely used worldwide is Power BI.

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Power BI makes it possible, among other things, to quickly gain insight into digital data by linking multiple information sources. These insights are collected in a dashboard that can be accessed online via the browser or an app.

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