Can I use strip lashes over lash extensions

In order to achieve a more dramatic effect, sometimes it can be tempting to wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions. This is especially true if you have a costume party or other special occasion coming up in the near future. As an experienced polish lash and nail salon, we strongly advise against doing this and encourage you instead to avoid doing it. But first, let’s discuss what strip lashes are. A strip of lashes is a line of lashes that is linked to a fabric band horizontally. Strip lashes are placed using an adhesive that can be removed, and they should only be worn for a single day. It is not recommended to wear strip lashes on top of eyelash extensions; however, strip lashes are a wonderful option when worn on their own.  Karas Extensions, your personal polish lash and nail salon feel obliged to educate our dear clients why lash extensions is a better option hands down.

Why I should not use strip lash over extensions?

They add far too much weight to the system.

Before each visit, we evaluate the condition of the natural lashes of each and every customer to ensure that we are not overloading the natural lashes with extensions that they are unable to maintain. The addition of strip eyelashes on top of your extensions creates a problem in that it adds additional weight that hasn’t been taken into account. This additional weight might be harmful to your natural lashes and cause damage.

Your extensions may become bonded together if you use adhesive.

Eyelash extensions are meticulously attached to each of your natural lashes in turn. At Karas Extensions your personal polish lash and nail salon, we separate each natural lash and attach a synthetic lash extension to it using a bonding agent. On the other hand, strip eyelashes, which are sometimes referred to as fake eyelashes or fakies, are adhered to the skin along your lash line. If you apply them carefully, it should be alright; however, there is often excess glue that can leak into your extensions, causing them to clump together. This problem can be avoided by applying them appropriately. Because of this, removing the strip eyelashes can be a very challenging process.

They have the potential to cause problems during your infill visit.

If you typically have eyelash extensions applied, but for a special occasion you chose to apply strip lashes instead, your lash artist will be able to spot the difference when it comes time for your next scheduled infill session. If the excess glue has caused too much damage, we may need to remove all of your lashes and then apply a fresh set of lashes. This will be determined by the extent of the damage. As your well wisher and your very own polish lash and nail salonwe admit it is not a very pretty sight to witness.

The materials used to make strip lashes are of a poor quality.

It’s common practise to make strip eyelashes out of plastic or rubber, and they don’t appear nearly as real as extensions do. If you apply these heavier, synthetic materials over your fluffy eyelash extensions, it will place additional strain on your natural lashes. Your natural lashes are more fragile than your extensions. Because of this, they may become fragile and susceptible to damage. You’ll acquire a natural look that really brings out the beauty of your eyes when you get eyelash extensions from your personal polish lash and nail salon. That is because our extensions are of the greatest quality on the market.

So what should I do for special occasions?

Consult with your polish lash and nail salon if you have an upcoming occasion for which you would like your lashes to appear to have more volume than usual. Without inflicting any harm to the lashes, we may create a style that is tailored to the specific requirements of the event. Our expert artists are skilled in a wide variety of methods that allow them to adapt the look of your lashes to fit any occasion.

Winding up

A genuine polish lash and nail salon will suggest you the most economical and cheapest way to achieve the eyelashes you desire depending on the occasion. Whether it is light lashes for office use or heavy lashes for weddings Karas extensions have got you covered. Established in the heart of Gurgaon our constant endeavour is to provide our clients the perfection they need, nah rather deserve. Come visit us we will be happy to have you at our salon.

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