Cómo escribir diéresis (ä, ë, ï, ö, ü) con el teclado

It is necessary to use the diaphragm to distinguish the sound of some words. We have access to this functionality on the computer’s keyboard. And this is why the diacritical sign—two points placed above a vocal—is essential for writing in languages like English, Spanish, German, and French. Don’t miss this article that will quickly clear up any questions you may have if you want to learn how to locate and place this symbol on your keyboard.

What is diaresis?

Two horizontally positioned points are used to depict the orthographic sign of diathesis across the vocal tracts it seeks to alter. To change the pronunciation of particular words in the Spanish language. This symbol indicates that the letter u has its own phonetic value and should be spoken when g comes before it and e comes after it.

Writing in Windows
On a keyboard

If you have a computer with Windows, you should enter the dash symbol as follows:

Locate the symbol quickly on the left side of the keyboard, namely on the third line of the alphabetic keyboard. Additionally, you might see other symbols like a closed key and a door opening on this screen.
To place the diathesis over a certain voice, you must choose it by pressing the mayscles button, which is symbolised by a flecha.
Next, tecleate the voice you want to place the diathesis on. It is always important to remember that this indicator comes before the verbal.
If you need to place the diacritical mark over a vocal mayscula, you must first tecleate the sign before continuing, keeping the maysculas tecla pulsing.
With ALT and ASCII code

You may easily write vocals with diacritical marks using the ASCII code for computers running Windows. You only need to press the “Alt” key and hold it down while tapping the combination of numbers we’ll provide you below:

Alt + 0196 equals Alt + 0228 equals Alt + 0203
Alt + 0235 = ë
Alt + 0207 = Ï
Alt + 0239 = ï
Alt + 0214 = Ö
Alt + 148 = ö
Alt + 154 = Ü
Alt + 129 = ü
Writing on a MAC

Placing the diuretic on a Mac keyboard is as simple as the following:

Press the Maysculas button and choose the diaresis along with the tecla that you want to place it on.
Similar to Windows, the diacritic is always chosen before the word.
You must first choose the option for vocal maysculas before you can place the diathesis on one. Once activated, just follow the steps previously listed while pressing the shift and pause buttons on your keyboard.

Using a smartphone or tablet

Start by opening the teclad. Next, continue to pulse the area where the voice is located so that you may apply the desired signal. Choose the voice with diaphragm that you’re looking for from the options that will immediately appear.

What words are written with diacritical marks?

Next, we’ll provide you a list of some common words that use diacritical marks. You may confirm that it is quite vital to learn how to write them in various teclados as a result.

Apacigüe \sBilingüe

With only a few simple commands, you may quickly and easily place the diaphoresis on your keyboard.

This orthographic sign is crucial for Hispanic speakers since it makes it possible to distinguish between certain words from other languages while pronouncing them, for example. The steps we’ve shown you for placing the diuretic will help you write more quickly on the computer and will make communication easier. Similarly, we advise you to go through other of our articles on this subject to learn how to place and input characters on the keyboard, write a guide below, enter the question mark on the keyboard, and determine the burglary sign.

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