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The best web pages for reading manga online will be shown today. You may find the most popular and sought-after Japanese historical narratives among them. Absolutely everything is free and open access. And it’s true that manga, like comics, is highly sought after when talking about reading texts or books online.

Lista de las mejores 17 páginas web para leer manga online gratis

For a long time, reading Japanese historical fiction has been a great way to pass the time. Reading manga online used to be a challenge, but nowadays there are several websites that offer full-length stories.

List of the top 17 websites for reading free manga online
Read manga.
D1 Manga, Tv Manga, and Tumanga Online
Leo comics
Anime club
Capsule reading Manga Plus
Manga Elektra TX Crunchyroll
Notasanime. me
Chan Tomanga Mangas
Frequent inquiries
The pages that actually offer high-quality manga have updates with new historical chapters. We’ve summarised the top 17 for you so you won’t miss the emotion of Japanese-themed stories.

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 1 Read Manga.

17 Best Websites for Reading Online Manga – Leer Manga https://leermanga.net/
It’s a great website to read many Japanese histories in English. You may find stories of action, adventure, comedy, magic, fantasy, romance, drama, mystery, and much more on this page. You only need to choose one of the histories to enjoy them; there is no need to register.

2  Online Manga

It’s an English page that’s responsible for displaying various animated stories to make sure you have a great time. The manga’s narrative style is distinctive, and this website not only offers you a wide selection but also regularly updates new chapters. Enter the main page to see the number of stories available in each chapter.

3 D1 manga

17 Best Websites for Online Manga Reading – D1 Manga https://d1manga.com/
It’s a manga-reading website that’s well-known for its stories and for letting you filter out the ones you like most. You may select from various genres on the main page, including action, martial arts, adventure, fantasy, horror, comedy, and more. No registration is necessary to start reading any of the Spanish-language stories because they are all completely free.

4 TV and manga

17 Best Websites for Online Manga Reading – TV and Manga https://tvymanga.com/portada/
It is a page where you can find well-known mangas like Dragon Ball Super, Los Cuatro Caballeros del Apocalipsis, Aliens Area 8, and many others. You may read the stories on this page chapter by chapter in Spanish. New, very interesting chapters are being added as they are updated.

Leo mangas 5

17 best websites for reading manga online – Leo mangas, available at https://leomangas.xyz/
It is a page where you may regularly check for updates to Japanese-style historical fiction. You may read the summary before you start reading a story to see whether it appeals to you or not. Beginning with the first chapter, you may follow the story’s development all the way to its conclusion.

6 Manga Club:

There is a registration process you must go through in order to access this page and read manga. You may sign up using Google, Facebook, Gorjeo, Tomas, and electronic mail. Some stories may be read for free, while others need payment.

7 View Chapter

17 Best Websites for Reading Manga Online – Read Chapter https://www.leercapitulo.com
The manga reading trends are shown when you enter the main page. If you still can’t find the story you’re looking for here, you may filter by entering your name in the upper-right corner. When you enter a title, you can see the manga’s synopsis and the numbers of the chapters in the lower portion.

Manga Plus: 8

Contrary to other manga websites, this one is run out of Japan yet is entirely in Spanish. Find your favorite manga by author or title, and start reading without having to pay anything. It is also possible to read animated histories in other languages in addition to Spanish.

9Toomics’ list

Has a large selection of manga +18 that may be read without interruption or announcement. It’s possible that some chapters of the manga you favor will cost you some money as you read further into the story. It is a website with really intriguing manga content that doesn’t require registration to access the stories.


It is a website where you may search for manga by their names and where you’re not required to register. You have the choice of action, adventure, comedy, drama, life stories, fantasy, and ecchi. Find your preferred animated history and start reading it from the beginning if you want.

Elektra 11

This page contains comics with well-known superheroes like Marvel, therefore don’t expect the Japanese original history book style. The difference between this page and others is that the histories on this one have a price, so you have to pay to read them. The best thing about the page is that the stories are unique and will keep you entertained as you read them.

Manga TX 12 17

Possess an extensive selection of manga titles available for free online viewing. The stories must be read through chapter after chapter to be fully understood. You only need to choose a story to enter it; doing so will display how many chapters are available as well as a brief summary of what you’ll find in the story.

13 Crunchyroll

Despite being the last option, it’s not negligible because it has a mobile reading app. You must purchase a subscription in order to enjoy the stories, as they are the preferred choice of those who enjoy reading them exclusively. Enjoy a wide variety of manga by purchasing weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions through the web or your mobile device.

14Notasanime. me

It’s a website where you can see and read manga for free and in individual chapters. It’s difficult to imagine getting lost inside of the page when new stories are added every day. Every story has a description and depending on how many chapters are available, it’s possible that certain manga aren’t finished.


This is a current, all-genres manga reading page. There is no requirement that you pay for any subscriptions because all reading entries are free. In addition to manga, you may watch anime to keep the fun going.

Open your favorite manga and follow the entry instructions for each task.

Tomanga \s16

You may choose from a wide variety of stories according to the genre or timing of their publication. There are three sections to choose from to find the manga of your choice: the recommended page, the genres section in the library, and the 18+ section that discusses adult fiction.

The website is not currently operational.

Mangas Chan 17

It’s a website where you may read manga for free and without registering. There are manga, manhua, and manhwa, and all you need to do is filter according to your preferences. To read manga, all you need to do is enter the section and choose your favorite.

The access is restricted, although it appears that by using the Tor browser, one may access the internet usually.

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