Cómo escribir el símbolo de la palomita ✓, check o visto en tus documentos

  1. The palomita sign, also known as check or seento, is an indication that a document has been approved or revised. It can also indicate other things like an examination or a parrafo. However, it might be difficult to determine which combination of keys to press to obtain it while trying to locate it in the various teclados. If you’re editing a document or creating a to-do list in Excel, just like we’ve done with the slash, the corkscrew, the ladder, and other symbols, now you know how to quickly write the palomita symbol with your keyboard.

    uses for the check or pawn symbol

    As we already mentioned in the introduction, the palomita symbol, often known as the “visto” or “check,” is most commonly used to indicate acceptance of something. In this way, it is possible to use it in:

    Word documents to mark a passed draught as approved.
    To highlight various items, use Excel documents that have been validated or revised.
    To provide confirmation of the positive responses from an online exam.

    Write a check in Word

    There are many ways to write the “palomita” symbol on your keyboard if you use a computer or portable device with the Windows operating system, but for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll start with the simplest and most direct way.

    Visit the Insertar file.

    Then navigate to Symbolos > More Symboles.
    Within this section, you will choose the source Wingdings 2.
    After that, choose the symbol from all those that appear in the grid and press the “Insert” button.
    Excel check writing

    To insert the “palomita” symbol in Excel, all we need to do is stop working in the desired cell and then press the following key:

    Windows + Pointer cladding (.)

    When you do this, a cuadro with emoji options will appear and you may choose the green checkmark symbol from there.

    Now all you have to do is click “Insert,” and the celda will be lowered.

    Creating a check in MAC

    It’s also quite simple to write the palomita symbol on MacOS, whether it’s seen, noted, verified, or reviewed from your keyboard.

    If your keyboard is factory-configured, English will be the language that is sent to you at this point. In this situation, you might use a hack since the symbol we use is quite similar to the palomita and is the cuadrada-shaped sign. As a result, follow these steps:

    Continue holding down the ALT key while also pressing the V key.
    Go to Teclado under System Preferences.
    Be careful not to activate the verification box.
    Look under Tools > Emojis.
    Grab the symbol and then paste it into your document.
    In a laptop without a numeric keypad

    Follow these steps to insert the palometa symbol into a Word document:

    Once within the Word document, look for the Insert option in the top menu.
    After that, navigate to Symbols > Insert Symbols > Symbols > More Symbols.
    Here, select the Wingdings source from the list of potential sources.
    You will see the insert symbols in the subsequent section, where you will see the “palometa” symbol at the end of the list.
    Place your cursor over this, and with one click, it will become a part of your writing.

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