Cómo escribir el símbolo del guión bajo « _ » con el teclado

As time has progressed, the guion bajo (_) symbol’s use and location on keyboards have evolved from being primarily a separating character to replacing the space bar.

If you’ve read our other articles and learned how to make keys, keyboard shortcuts, the long guide, the check symbol, the upside-down bar, etc., you’ll find instructions for writing in the short guide on a variety of Spanish-keyed devices below. It’s quite simple.

Formatting in Microsoft Word
With a Keyboard

The location of this key on the typical Spanish keyboard varies depending on the manufacturer, but it is often three keys after the letter “M,” next to the “SHIFT” key.

Now that you know which one it is, press (at the same time) “SHIFT + _” to type the instructions below. Don’t worry; we’ve left you a picture to help you find your way.

Using ASCII Code

Another option is to use straightforward ASCII commands. Just the bills:

Press the “Alt” and “95” buttons simultaneously. Don’t forget to press the number 95 on the numeric keypad’s right side.

Interestingly, if your keyboard is different, the down arrow key can be located above the letter “P” instead.

include a character map

If you’re having trouble typing the guion bajo symbol, you can use Windows’ character map to locate the symbol, copy it, and paste it wherever you like.

Opens Windows’ character map. You may accomplish this by opening the start menu and typing “Character Map” (or “charmap.exe”) (sin las comillas).
Find the down arrow symbol. It’s the fourth line in the character list most of the time. Double-click it.
If you hold down the Control key while clicking the bottom guide, a new panel titled “Caracteres a copiar” will pop up. Next, click the “Copy” button, and the script will appear in your clipboard.
Click the right mouse button and then pick “Pegar” to insert it into the current text. The alternative is to disable the “Control + V” keyboard shortcut.
with a digital keyboard

One other convenient method of writing Windows script is by activating the keyboard on the screen. To do so, please refer to the following instructions:

Select “Initio” from the menu and enter “On-Screen Keyboard” (or “osk.exe”) into the search bar.
The on-screen keyboard will then appear. You’ll be able to locate and make use of the low-hanging fruit here with little fuss.

When you’re done, you can close the keyboard normally.

Write in LINUX

If you use Linux as an operating system, and more specifically the GNOME desktop in Ubuntu, the following steps will help you get up and running.

Simply hit “CTRL” “SHIFT” and “u” at the same time.
This set of keys must be held down when the “5f” key is pressed.
Stop pressing all the keys at once, and the keyboard shortcuts will appear on the screen.
Use of the MAC for Word Processing. If you have a Mac computer, follow these steps to install the installation software:

Press the “Shift” key and the “down arrow” (or “guion bajo”) key on the right side of the keyboard.
While using a mobile device. There is no complication with today’s cell phones; all you need to do is follow this procedure.

You only need to press “?123” on other devices and tap the space bar; the down arrow key (_) is to the left of the keyboard. Now that you’ve mastered the keyboard shortcut for writing “underscores” (_), make it a point to use it frequently.

Laptop forgery

To create a drop-cap on a laptop, press “shift + _” or use one of the other methods we listed above for personal computers.

When is a low-level guide rail used?

Only used in relation to the realm of information technology, such as electronic mail and web pages. Lacks regular application in written discourse.

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