the benefits of using rigid boxes as packaging solutions

Packaging businesses have taken drastic steps since the advancement of technology

E-commerce has helped in expanding these businesses. Now people can order anything from anywhere by just sitting at home. Every day millions of dollars worth of goods are transported to other countries because of the increase in online shopping. Keeping these products safe during the shipping process is a huge task. There can be countless things among these packaging boxes that could be expensive. To prevent any damage to the products rigid boxes were manufactured. The purpose of these boxes was to safely deliver goods to their destination without causing any damage.

Not only are used in shipping products but they can be also sent as gifts to others. The unique and elegant-looking custom & packaging with logo can be used to present your gift more beautifully. Currently, Viveprinting is the best custom UK manufacturer. We have countless options all of which are available on our website Our luxury are slightly expensive so if you want to buy rigid boxes at low prices, then buy them from our custom rigid boxes wholesale UK at Viveprinting.

What are rigid boxes:

Rigid boxes are manufactured using thick cardboard. To cover this cardboard a sheet of fabric is used. Both of these materials have benefits of their own. The cardboard provides the necessary sturdiness to the packaging box meaning the products inside it will be safe. The sheet of fabric is used for decorating the exterior. made in any size depending on its need. Using custom rigid boxes UK for gifting high-quality stuff can enhance the product.

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Material selection for rigid boxes:

Selecting the right materials for the manufacturing of a product is essential. Each company wants to sell their product at high rates but in order to do it, they need a reliable product which the customers will buy regularly. have a specific purpose. It needs to be strong so that it can be used in shipping processes.

Custom rigid boxes UK is dependent on the product which will be stored inside it.

Viveprinting uses the best eco-friendly cardboard material for the manufacturing of these boxes. This material provides the best security and also it is highly customizable. We are capable of producing custom rigid boxes wholesale UK at affordable prices. Place your order now at our website

Designing of rigid boxes:

Designing unique packaging boxes plays an important role in creating your own brand. We all know at this point that the market is completely brimming with products similar to one another. Standing out among your competitors is not an easy task. In order to gain an advantage in the current market you need unorthodox packaging box designs which could attract customers.

The designing of is also crucial. You can get custom rigid boxes UK which can elevate your product in front of the customers.

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Custom rigid boxes:

Customization of packaging boxes gives them a new look. Every company strives for a marketplace but they lack creativity. Custom are a new way of gifting important presents to your significant others. These boxes are very secure and can carry any type of product in them.

Viveprinting UK develops the best-looking custom rigid boxes UK which can be used during shipping or in retail shops. In the end, you want the best-looking packaging box which can create a positive perception in the minds of the customer.

Types of rigid boxes:

many types but the most commonly used are as follows.

Magnetic closure rigid boxes:

Magnetic closure have magnets situated at the centre and on the lid of the box. When the lid is closed both magnets attract each other and they firmly close the box. If you want to gift your significant other a present, then these boxes can help you. You can apply different add-ons to these boxes just to enhance their look.

Collapsible rigid boxes:

Collapsible rigid boxes are another cool-looking type of box. These have a cool feature which is their selling point. These boxes look cool on the shelves of retail shops and they also sell like crazy in the UK.

Printing on rigid boxes:

If you want your product to thrive in the market then do everything necessary to create a unique-looking packaging box. By drawing different art on the packaging box, you can set new trends in the market. This will help you in creating a brand for your product. Printing on is also crucial because you want to promote your brand hence using its logos on your packaging box can give you a huge benefit.

Here at Viveprinting, we have the best people and machines which collectively create the best custom & packaging with logo. Our team of experts design the best packaging boxes and our high-end printers use quality ink to shine the images and art on them. In our services, we also provide CMYK and Pantone colour printing schemes. Through them, our customers can choose different colour variations for their pacakging.

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Benefits of using rigid boxes:

Luxurious look:

can be customized to give them an elegant look. These packaging boxes are mainly used in sending luxurious items.


Viveprinting has always tried to elevate small start-ups through our products. We are providing cheap custom wholesale UK for small businesses. They can gain an advantage from this wholesale if they are clever.


The packaging boxes which we manufacture here at Viveprinting are all eco-friendly. Viveprinting has always raised its voice against environmental pollution and we have set a bar for other companies through our recyclable packaging solutions.

Why choose us?

Quick response:

Viveprinting is the number one custom packaging company in the UK for a reason. Our customer support is top-notch. Our team is quick to respond when a query arrives and they provide the best advice for the customers.

On-time delivery:

The staff at Viveprinting has one goal which is to provide the customers with the best possible end product. We all work hard and try to replicate our customer’s demand for the packaging boxes.

Customer satisfaction:

Customers are an integral part of any business. They are the ones that are going to judge your product. To have a positive impact on them, ·you should create something that they will commonly use. We at Viveprinting try to bring something new to them so that they remain

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