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One of my favorite places in the desert. Want to try out many things? The city of Dubai is ready to welcome you. A place to go: Desert Safari Dubai is a popular place to visit in the same-named town, which is also known for its modern architecture, beautiful natural scenery, and high-end hotels. When people go to Dubai, they have a lot of things to do, like early morning safaris and camping trips in the desert.

Desert Safari Dubai Thousands of customers have said great things about Dubai. You could spend a day and night on an exciting trip through the Dubai desert. To go dune bashing, you must leave the city in a vehicle with four-wheel drive. Sandboarding is another fun thing you can do. The next stop is a camp where you can try local food, ride a camel through the desert, get your hands painted with henna, and maybe even meet some falcons. In the evening, there will be a BBQ meal and cultural shows.

Dubai can charge less for everything. This trip through the desert won’t break the bank and will give you a lot of things to remember. The first step of dune bashing is to get in a Land Cruiser and drive out to the desert. You can relax in a Bedouin tent while watching the sun go down after sandboarding down the dunes. In the evenings, people ride camels and get henna tattoos (and with a BBQ dinner).


Sunset Tour of Dubai’s Desert

You can see a lot of the United Arab Emirates by going on a safari in Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai Deals at night is a popular thing for tourists to do in Dubai. The twilight safari is popular with tourists who want to take photos. Evening safaris look like a lot of fun because there are many things to do, and the sunsets are beautiful.

Guests have to cross the sand dunes to get to the safari. The camp will serve you a delicious BBQ dinner and Shisha if you get hungry. Most of the time, pick-up is between 3:00 and 3:30, but there’s always something to do until 9:30. Spend 20–30 minutes driving over sand dunes in the Dubai desert.

Take a camel ride through the desert and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Tanoura performance, belly dancing, and a fire show are all part of desert shows. The desert camp has a bar, a buffet, and other things to make it more comfortable.


The price of an evening desert safari varies, but it is usually inexpensive.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai costs between 55 AED and 2500 AED per person. Only the best services are available in your vacation package at this place.

The best Dubai desert safari service offers high-quality help at reasonable prices. A vacation from The Planet Adventure is the most affordable way to share the fun. Our customers can relax and enjoy pleasant times because they work with us. We are the only company in Dubai with an excellent reputation for its wide range of high-end desert safari options.

Desert Safari Dubai takes extra care of its loyal customers to ensure they are safe while having fun. With the help of our certified, experienced drivers, you can enjoy the thrill of dune-bashing on tall Arabian dunes.

All our vehicles are fully insured to keep you safe on the road and give you a once-in-a-lifetime desert safari in Dubai.


Morning Safari Tour in Dubai

You can only wait for so long. Has today been at all interesting? It makes sense to go to Dubai through the desert. Desert safaris in the morning in Dubai are popular with people who only have a little time. However, they still offer the same exciting experiences as those in the afternoon. So, safaris are now one of the main reasons people visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Unlike most people think, a safari early in the morning might be enjoyable. In Dubai, you can take a 20-minute dune bashing ride, which is one of the extra things you can do. Things to do on a morning Desert Safari Dubai:

A camel ride is an iconic part of any trip to the desert in Dubai, and people who want to ride one should plan. Camel rides are a popular part of safaris. Still, people should check with the right people to ensure they are available before planning to ride one.

A morning safari in Dubai could include sandboarding, dune biking, and quad biking.

Planet Adventure is taking us on a trip through the desert. In Dubai, you can make bonds with family and friends that are worth a lot. If you have money in Dubai, people will treat you well. During a Desert Safari Dubai at dusk, you can ride on the tall, red sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula, which can be very exciting. But the camp, which looks like a Bedouin village, also has exciting fire shows, Tanoura, and belly dance, which you’ve probably never heard of before. Also, enjoy the best BBQ buffet meal to stop feeling hungry.


Top Activities on a Desert Safari:

Only if you follow these rules will you have a great Desert Safari Dubai:

  • Sand can be hard to walk on, so it’s important to dress and wear shoes that are right for the conditions.
  • You can drive a dune buggy in the Arabian Desert and ride a camel.
  • Only bring valuable things like jewelry, watches, etc., with you.

Are you ready to check out the beauty of tall red dunes? The Planet Adventure gives you the magic to make the most of your day.

Have you spent too much time driving? Renting a 1000cc dune buggy lets you and your friends and family see the beautiful parts of the Arabian Desert. Enjoy the thrill of a ride in a dune buggy over the high, red dunes of Arabia.

Have you ever gone full speed on a good horse? Rent a dirt bike in Dubai and start your adventure right away. Desert Safari Dubai Desert dirt bikes are exciting in ways beyond the excitement of trying something new. If your busy schedule is getting to you, nothing beats the thrill of riding a dirt bike off-road. Don’t worry that you don’t have a lot of experience; everyone has to start from the beginning. Our instructors will give you detailed instructions and safety gear to ensure you are safe.

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