Digital Lucky Draw Awards Systems for Events and Campaigns.

If you are looking for a raffle machine to facilitate your advertising objectives, a visually appealing design can be completely customized to your company and provided by electronic raffle software. Digital Lucky Draw has been in the raffle software market for over 4 years. It caters to companies from various professions, including Chanel, HSBC, and SAS.

A web-based lucky draw system can be used from a web browser on any device without a program installed. We’ll assist you with the setup and you’ll be required to follow 3 simple steps to enter the draw.

Types of Digital Lucky Draw Awards Campaigns

There are different kinds of lucky draw machines and many different variations of each. It doesn’t matter if you have a great idea for a unique lucky draw machine—we’re here to help you implement it. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be ready to assist you with the process.

Rolling Numbers or Names

The most popular, and easiest means of rapidly creating instant digital lucky draws involves designing a pre-record of a personalized background image and uploading them both to the program system.

This system is the most popular method of administering digital lucky draws. What does it involve? You set up the lottery roster, choose your graphics file, and turn it back on.

Mosaic Wall

Announce your event on social media along with a view of a stunning locale and invite your audience to share it on an image wall. First, get everyone to post their images on social media.

Do your guests get to upload a facial image to display on a Digital Mosaic Wall?

As soon as you’re all set, activate the lucky draw and watch the athletes on the wall disappear one at a time until only the winner remains. Just like when Thanos squeezed his fingers when ending Avengers: Infinity Warfare.

Validating Changes with Receipts

Customers may upload a QR code for an address on file or print a delivery document, allowing a business to send a reward associated with their purchase.

With QR codes on the receipt, a customer can scan the code and upload his receipt to have a chance to ascertain what happens given some goods from their shopping.

It is possible to choose the prize winners through a rolling lucky draw your state’s competition regulations stipulate.

Validating Changes with Activity

For virtual events, the Searix Virtual Event Platform limits participants to those who were active no more than 10 minutes ago.

The Searix Virtual Scavenger Hunt (VSH) will offer lucky draw chances to anyone who completes a certain activity, such as entering a contest, participating in a contest, or completing an activity.

Lucky Draw Awards System

To make sure how it works here are some 3 ways that a digital lucky draw system works

Make a list of Participants

Be sure to include information such as their company, department, or order amount. Are you interested in offering lottery-style rewards for purchases?

Provide the company, department, or price info for the prize you’re trying to distribute. Need a system to generate draws in order to fulfill the prizes?

Prepare Branded assets For Lucky Draw

Choose the method for displaying your logo within the background image or the mosaic overlay. You can also pick your preferred fonts, colors and typeface sizes.

Choose a lucky Draw System and Run the Lucky Draw

Along with the setup, we will try to arrange video tutorials and system guideposts to help you understand how to utilize the lucky draw system.

We’ll set up the devices and provide easily understood video guides to explain the selection of the winning numbers when setting up the Initial assembly of the gear for the bingo subscription. If you want to participate in the Kbc lucky draw check 2022, you may select this digital bingo card and draw incredible cash prizes.

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