DomainRacer Web Hosting Review

At a Glance

DomainRacer is one of the highest-rated web hosting companies we have looked at across the board.  They are known for fantastic customer support, amazing uptime, and great speed ratings. DomainRacer offers multiple plans and therefore is suitable for organizations of all sizes.

About DomainRacer Web Hosting Review

Choose your best suitable business platform and grow. DomainRacer offers a variety of services and tools to create a business solution infrastructure. For your business website get creative domain suggestion tool at cheapest cost with best name generators provider.

Boost your high-traffic website with our Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, LMS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, KVM Linux VPS, KVM Windows VPS, Storage VPS, cPanel VPS and VPS Reseller (Highest Discounts) plans.

Server Locations: USA, India, Germany, UK, France, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands

Services Offered: Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server, VPS Reseller hosting, Cloud Hosting, Enterprise Hosting.

DomainRacer Plans

DomainRacer offers many different types of hosting plans based on different needs, and price points.  From standard shared hosting, and managed hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce, to more saleable solutions like VPS Hosting.  They also offer dedicated servers, enterprise hosting, and reseller hosting.

Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress. The basics of DomainRacer shared hosting and managed to host for WordPress look to be the same. Their hosting price starts from $7.17 per month, they have different plans like this which is very affordable for customers.

They have the same three-tier system to allow for organizations from start-ups to larger companies.

Pricing is a much better than some competitors, but you get a return on that investment with their superior customer service. This best system provides top lms portalto create cheap white label courses and host it online.

For all price points, they will assist you with the installation of a variety of Content Management Systems, including but not limited to, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many more.  This is a major bonus for those not so technically inclined people.

Some Details

Startup Shared Hosting Plan – Along with these basic features you get a free SSL, website builder, email account, and 24/7 customer support.  That’s a pretty good list of things to get with an initial starter package.

KVM Linux VPS– Additional benefits include free site transfers, priority technical support, SuperCacher (which helps to improve website speed), and free backup restores.

cPanel VPS – Additional benefits include PCI-compliant servers, with fewer accounts on the server.  They also allow for WordPress and Joomla staging, and free backups whenever you need them.

What is Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting?

WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting
What is Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting

Not only will DomainRacer help you install these CMS, but also will manage them for you.  Buy popular best free lms for businesswith saas based open source provider at the cheapest cost to get white label services. That means they will take care of automatic updates and manage the security of your site at the application level.

If you have an existing site hosted at another provider, DomainRacer will transfer you over for free with their advance plans.

VPS Server Hosting

If your site gets too large for a shared hosting solution, DomainRaceroffers different tiers of vps server hosting as well. VPS hosting is when resources are used from different servers in the “cloud” allowing for higher volume sites to balance that workload across these different servers. 

This is typically more cost-effective, and less technically demanding than using dedicated hosting.

*Note: DomainRacer also has plans for dedicated server hosting, lms hosting, and reseller hosting.  Details can be found on their website.

DomainRacer Pros and Cons

DomainRacer has at times been dinged for limiting the amount of storage and disk space in their plans.  But most web hosts that offer unlimited storage have fine print that essentially makes their plans similar to DomainRacer. 

They actually get credit for being transparent about how much storage you have so you can accurately decide on the right plan.


  • Customer Service
  • Good Up Time
  • Different plans to accommodate many types of businesses

DomainRacer Additional Features and Benefits

Control Panel Features

DomainRacer uses cPanel for its control panel which is one of the easier solutions for users to master. For those that are beginners, it still has a learning curve, but there are plenty of resources through DomainRacer, as well as the general web to assist with most questions.


DomainRacer boasts of a 99.9% uptime, and based on our own experience, they deliver on that promise.  This number is also confirmed by other external parties who test their speed and uptime on a regular basis.

This consistency is one of the main reasons DomainRacer sits so highly on our list.  Uptime is absolutely critical to maximizing your ROI in the online world.

WordPress Official Host

Out of all the hosts in the world, DomainRacer is one of the very few that are officially recommended by on their site.  That’s as good a recommendation as you’re going to get.

Privacy and Security

DomainRacer provides a Let’s Encrypt SSL to all clients who host a domain with them for free.  This ensures that all the communication going between a browser and your web server is encrypted.

Website Builder

While it’s easy to install some of the most popular CMS with DomainRacer, some customers are looking for more basic sites.  Because of this, DomainRacer has partnered with SitePad to provide a drag & drop website builder.  This functionality allows people with no technical skills to create professional-looking websites.


DomainRacer provides 24/7 support for Phone, chat, email and tickets submitted online.  We can attest to the speed with which DomainRacer responds to customer service requests.

If you are looking for more validation, just look at pretty much any comment around the web, and you will find that DomainRacer is known for its amazing support.

DomainRacer Review Compared to other Hosting Providers

When comparing the top web hosting providers, DomainRacer performs very well across the board.  Considering all the hosts on this list hold their own, DomainRacer #1 ranking shows how strong they are in every category.

Their especially strong #1 ranking in the support bucket should have you thinking heavily about using them if you may need more than average assistance with technical issues.

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