Doreen Lioy, the Ex-Wife of Serial Killer Richard Ramirez

Doreen Lioy, a California native who worked as a magazine editor before marrying American serial murderer Richard Ramirez, was born in the United States. Due to her status as Richard Ramirez’s ex-wife, she became well-known. The media labelled Richard Ramirez as the “Valley Intruder” and “Night Stalker,” while Lioy was made the “Night Stalker’s” spouse. Also, throughout the years, Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez’s peculiar connection garnered a lot of media attention.

Who is Doreen Lioy?

Lioy was a free-lance teen magazine editor from Burbank, California, when she started dating Ramirez. She started writing Ramirez hundreds of letters in 1985, soon after he was detained and imprisoned while awaiting trial, claims the San Francisco Chronicle (opens in new tab). Lioy was initially moved by the “vulnerability” she observed in Ramirez in TV reports of his crimes; after their relationship had developed, she reportedly visited him at San Quentin four times a week. This is according to an account (opens in new tab) from a Los Angeles Times reporter who observed one of Lioy’s visits to Ramirez in jail.

Her twin sister admitted to the San Francisco Examiner in 1996 that Lioy’s family had all but abandoned her after her connection with the convicted murderer and rapist become serious “Being connected to all of this is awful for me. I was shocked by the information. It’s acceptable to be linked via birth. I don’t want to be a part of this. For the family, it has been a traumatic experience.”

At the time of their wedding at San Quentin, which was attended by Ramirez’s brother, sister, and niece as well as lawyers and the author of a book claiming to establish Ramirez’s innocence, Lioy told the Examiner that Ramirez proposed in 1988, but the two didn’t get hitched until 1996. Lioy allegedly donned a short white dress for the 15-minute service and handed Ramirez a platinum band—because, of course, self-described Satanists don’t wear gold.


Doreen Lioy used to serve as an editor for the Tiger Beat group during the late 1970s and the early 1980s. She was tasked with meeting up-and-coming celebs while there and nurturing them to become cover stars. Actor John Stamos is one of the famous people she worked with in this capacity. She worked mostly as a freelance editor in the journalistic field. Owing to her association with Richard Ramirez, she was able to work on various television documentaries. Although she wrote to him more than 75 times while he was incarcerated, Richard Ramirez’s wife was the one who knew him best.

Her most notable works include Love Behind Bars and THIS Investigate. She also penned a book titled Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker, in which she spoke about the hardships her husband had encountered.

Where is Doreen Lioy now?

Thirteen years were spent as a married couple.

Apparently Lioy was particularly repulsed when DNA evidence connected her husband to the rape and murder of a nine-year-old girl in San Francisco in early 1984, despite being aware of his heinous crimes when they got married in 1996.

Media sources claim that Lioy is said to have severed relations with the killer after becoming aware of the terrible victim’s death and the proof in 2009.

Although there were no reports of a divorce, Ramirez was still wed to Lioy in 2013 according to a New York Times article on his passing.

When Lioy’s horrific relationship with the serial murderer became public, her family shunned her because of the embarrassment.

According to Denise, her twin sister, to the San Francisco Examiner in 1996: “Being connected to all of this is bad for me.

“The information surprised me.

“It’s okay to be connected by birth, but I don’t want to participate in this. For the family, it has been a painful experience.”

Given that she has shied away from the spotlight, it is unclear what the murderer’s ex-wife is up to.

“No details regarding Lioy are accessible and her whereabouts are unknown,” said Bustle and other media sources.

Was Richard Ramirez ever married?

Doreen Lioy

Who is the spouse of the Night Stalker? Doreen Lioy was his wife. The union of Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez is one of the strangest love tales ever told by man. When he was imprisoned, they married Doreen Lioy. Until Richard was detained on suspicion of being a serial murderer, the two had never met.

So, why did Doreen Lioy marry Richard Ramirez? After engaging with him for a while, she assumed he was an innocent man. Nonetheless, Doreen agreed to his proposal, and although he was still inside, they were wed in 1996.

Doreen’s parents disowned her since she had brought them humiliation, but that did not stop her from marrying him. After thirteen years of marriage, Doreen began to distance herself from him after Genetic evidence revealed that he had killed and raped a young girl. The Night Stalker’s spouse didn’t legally divorce Richard; instead, she just departed and stopped communicating with him until his death in 2013.

What is Doreen Lioy’s net worth?

Doreen was a respected magazine editor who had a luxurious lifestyle. She had the chance to work with famous people, and if it weren’t for the scandal surrounding her relationship with Richard Ramirez, she may have been on the top of the world. Her estimated net worth is $600,000.


How old is Doreen Lioy?

As of 2022, she is 67 years old. She was created on March 1st, 1955.

Who was Lioy married to?

Richard Ramirez, a serial murderer, was the editor’s husband.

When did the Night Stalker die?

He died on June 7, 2013, as a result of health issues.

Did Richard Ramirez have siblings?

Yes. He was one of Reuben, Ruth, Robert, and Joseph’s four siblings.

Was Richard Ramirez a Mexican?

No, his parents were Hispanic; he was an American.

What is Doreen Lioy’s net worth?

She is estimated to be valued approximately $600k.

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