Edit your photos using TikTok’s favorite formula

TikTok has taken the world by storm as one of the best, if not the best, editing app on the market today and with over 1 billion users worldwide! If you’re looking to edit your photos like the celebrities you follow on TikTok, follow this easy formula that gives you the perfect picture every time!

How does it work?

Tik Tok is a photo editing software that works to convert any photo into what has become known as the Tik Tok look. Using some of the most popular features such as post-production, black and white, filters, and more the app gives users professional looking photos in seconds.

I will not be able to go over all the features of this powerful app in one blog post so I will cover a few of my favorites. The filters on Tik Tok are one of the things I use most often. The styles range from cross process to film which creates a cool vintage effect perfect for any picture! Another way to edit your pictures on this app is by turning them black and white which can make photos come alive or add drama depending on what you’re going for. You can also edit individual parts of your picture by selecting certain areas with your finger then adding effects or tweaking it until it looks just right!

Getting Started

It may seem daunting to edit photos, but with these five steps it will be a snap. We recommend getting the best photo editing software for beginners, like Adobe Photoshop Express or Fotor Photo Editor, before you do anything else. If you don’t have any photo editing software, apps such as Snapseed or Retro can get the job done in a pinch! Once you’ve downloaded the software of your choice, select edit from the top menu and select either makeover or adjust. A new window will open where you can change filters, brightness levels, and other important details. Next, take a screenshot of your photo by pressing command+shift+4 on Mac computers or windows+S on PC machines.

Choosing A Filter

This app has a variety of filters that you can choose from. These range from black and white to grayish. You can also use presets, which will automatically adjust a photo with different filter types or color adjustments, then add filters to that preset. So once you set up one preset, you won’t have to do the work again and can focus on making small adjustments for that type of photo. Once you’re happy with the look of your photo, tap share. Now all that is left is choosing where to share it!

Adding Details with Filters

TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows people to create and share short videos with a community of more than 300 million. So, if you want to make some amazing edits for your photo but don’t know where to start, this app is the perfect place for you. The best way to edit on TikTok is by using filters. Filters give pictures an artistic touch and help with editing techniques such as transforming the photo from color to black and white or increasing the saturation of a picture. You can also get creative with tints like adding pink, purple, green, yellow or blue. You can even add lighting effects like adding highlights or darkening certain areas.

Review Your Final Result

This has been my go-to face edits lately. I’ll use this to quickly change up my photo before posting it to Instagram, and the end result always looks more cohesive. When editing my picture with this filter, I love getting creative with how dramatic or subtle I want the finished product to be. Sometimes I’ll add a little color in order to make it pop. Other times, I like making the colors really muted so that they appear more washed out and realistic. For me, there is no right or wrong way when playing around with these filters! The most important thing is finding what you’re comfortable with and having fun while doing it.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of every type of edit you can find on TikTok, but these are some of my favorites to get started with. With these tips, you should be able to start editing yourself or your friends in just a few minutes!


TikTok is a great app for creativity, and adding filters can take it to the next level. You’ll want to make sure you have a DSLR or iPhone that has high-quality lenses before you start editing on this app, as the pictures will need to be cropped for optimal results. Plus, if you’re not an iOS user, it’s difficult to import pictures from your camera roll into the app without having to purchase an in-app subscription. While TikTok isn’t the most intuitive app to use when trying to get started, it provides lots of creative tools and useful features once you get the hang of things.

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