Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring Software

How often do you go home wondering whether your employees are working as hard as they can? Don’t put your business in the hands of trust when you could have actual evidence that proves your team is doing their job as best they can. Employee monitoring software, also known as time-tracking software, can help you keep tabs on what everyone on your team is working on, how long it takes them to complete tasks, and where they might be wasting time. This can help you identify potential problems early so you don’t spend too much time fixing them down the road.

How does it Work?

Employee monitoring software allows you to access employee computers and networks in order to monitor what they are doing. It allows the employer to set up policies that employees must follow while they are on the clock. Employers can also install keystroke loggers that record anything typed on the keyboard. This is a valuable way for employers to stay updated on how productive their employees are.

How to Get Started with Employee Monitoring

When employees violate company policy, it can create major headaches. Tracking your employees with employee monitoring software will ensure you know exactly what they’re doing and when. As a result, you’ll never be taken by surprise again. There are tons of features and options available, which means you’ll find the perfect solution for your business. Consider the following: Who needs to be monitored?

What Should I Monitor?

In today’s ever-changing work environment, monitoring employee activity has become critical. With so many things going on at the same time, employers are concerned with making sure their workers are getting the job done while not being distracted by other tasks. Here are some tips to monitor your employees and ensure they’re being productive:

Monitor what programs they have open

Employees should be working on tasks for your company but this doesn’t mean you can’t monitor what programs they have open. To do this, place a keylogger on their computer which will record every program they use and when. Doing this will allow you to see if someone is searching for a new job or surfing the web instead of doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Is It Legal?

A key question many employees ask themselves is whether or not the employee monitoring software is legal. Well, it depends on who you ask. Some experts argue that monitoring your employee’s data with their consent violates the law; others say that it does not. In other words, there isn’t a clear answer as of now. But until there is, proceed at your own risk! Computer sftware is so advanced these days that it’s pretty much impossible to spot any sort of tracking software without special tools. However, in order for employee monitoring software to be effective and not just another way for bosses to control their workers, there must be an agreement between employer and employee.

What do you think? Should employers monitor their employees’ internet usage?

Can Employees Legally Use the Internet at Work?

The internet at work can lead to many distractions, some of which are more dangerous than others. According to a 2013 study by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development, four out of five participants spent less time focusing on their tasks when they surfed the web while at work. Internet-induced interruptions can reduce our productivity by as much as 40%. It’s up to employers who want reliable and efficient employees to keep them focused and happy at work.

How Can I Tell If an Employee is breaking the Law While at Work?

If you have an employee who you suspect is breaking the law or engaging in unethical behavior while at work, there are a few telltale signs that will alert you to the problem. These include taking excessive breaks, spending unusually long periods of time at their desk scrolling through social media sites and personal emails, being tardy to work or showing up late without notice, behaving in a way that differs drastically from previous performance or other employees, making sudden moves such as quitting without prior notice.

How Do I Keep Tabs on My Company Computer Usage?

Most software will allow you to set limits on the hours employees can use the computer. These limits vary from company to company but will generally cover the most common working hours. Additionally, if a particular employee is using the computer more than their allotted time per day, the employee monitoring software should be able to alert you when this is happening so that you may question them as to why they are not completing work within their given work hours.

Who Uses Employee Monitoring Software?

Companies are hiring third-party software developers to help them monitor their employees. As the workforce is becoming more and longer hours, companies have felt the need to hire companies like Time Doctor that offers employee monitoring software. The need for time management has been coming up in a lot of focus groups over the past five years which is why this type of software has seen an increase in the past three years.

Why Should I Invest in Employee Monitoring Software?

Before you invest in employee monitoring software, make sure it offers the features you need to monitor all of your employees. If a company hires sales representatives who travel and work on-site, they’ll need on-the-go software that offers mobile access as well as timekeeping functionality. They may also need reports that measure productivity against goals or KPIs (key performance indicators).


If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to make sure your employees are on task, in compliance with company policies, and meeting their goals, there is no better option than employee monitoring software. Not only can it help you keep things running smoothly and cut down on the time spent micromanaging your team, but it can also be an excellent way of measuring individual performance.

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