4 Ways to Get Free Tiktok Coins

Most likely, you have a favourite TikTok streamer. Like Twitch, you may show them your thanks by giving them TikTok Coins. It’s important to know that this virtual currency can only be used to buy presents that have no real-world counterparts.

Although there are a few ways to obtain coins for free, coins can be purchased with real money. Just be sure to use the proper strategy. There are many frauds involving free TikTok coins, so use caution.

Purchasing TikTok Coins

Learn how to purchase coins using the standard method first.

  1. Go to Settings after opening TikTok and selecting Profile.
  2. Pick Balance.
  3. The current amount of coins is displayed below. Click Recharge.
  4. There are many lists of coin values and the prices that go along with them. On your mobile device, tap the desired purchase amount and then confirm it.

There are seven different sums you can buy to get a sense of how much the coins are worth:

The following prices are available: 65 Coins for $0.99, 330 Coins for $4.99, 660 Coins for $9.99, 1321 Coins for $19.99, 3303 Coins for $49.99, 6607 Coins for $99.99, and 16500 Coins for $249.99.

You receive a Welcome Pack when you make your first Coin purchase while viewing TikTok live video. This $0.99 package gives you 65 Coins + 45 more, an 80% discount on a special gift, and a badge that is displayed next to your TikTok name for a full day.

Coins can be purchased with a credit card, a bank account, a PayPal account, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

What Do TikTok Coins Get You?

On TikTok Live, you may purchase and give gifts using TikTok coins, but they also have other uses. For instance, you can give a creator a gift in the remark box.

TikTok coins are also mostly used for post marketing. Use the TikTok Promote function to increase the exposure of a certain video to a large audience. Depending on how long you want the promotion to run and how many views you want to get, this feature has variable prices.

The TikTok Promote feature is a helpful resource for creators that use TikTok for advertising or generating income. You can target people specifically based on their age, gender, and hobbies. The secret to TikTok is that views often lead to more comments than on other platforms, which explains why sponsored TikToks are becoming more and more common.

How to Get Free Coins on TikTok

The first thing to keep in mind is that none of these approaches can be relied upon. Giving away coins for free is a rare occurrence on TikTok because it depends on them for revenue. However, some people have experienced success with these techniques, so feel free to give them a shot – just proceed with caution and understand that success isn’t a given.

1. TikTok Gifts

To accept them as gifts is the first and simplest method. Users can send coins to other users, but you have to put in the time and effort to create content that will encourage others to send you coins. Is the time required to do it worth the minimal amount you would save?

2. Challenges on TikTok

Playing TikTok challenges is similar to getting a present; if your TikTok movies are entertaining enough, you might get a tip of coins. On TikTok, challenges are frequently the most recent trend and appear on a fairly regular basis. Past examples include the unsuccessful milk carton stacking challenge and the cinnamon powder challenge.

3. Increase your TikTok following

The purpose of TikTok coins is to allow you to give money to your favourite users. As a result, everytime you conduct live content, you will naturally get more coins if you can provide a consistent flow of material and increase your TikTok followers.

4. TikTok Coin Hacks

A warning is in order before we continue: this approach is not recommended by the government and can get you banned. You may cheat the system and generate coins for free using a number of third-party programmes, mostly for Android systems. Many users are either temporarily or permanently banned from utilising these tools as TikTok has started to tighten down on them. Using these tools amounts to theft or fraud as coins are the in-app currency.

One such device is the TikTok Coin Adder. Then, as directed on the screen, enter your username and select the coins you want to add. To receive TikTok coins, you must download the required apps and register for accounts on both.

Others exist, but a number of them explicitly attempted phishing by asking for a username and password. While using third-party coin generators is entirely up to you, we do not recommend it.

The best strategy is to simply join, even though there isn’t a certain way to earn TikTok coins for free. Enjoy using TikTok and interacting with the community without worrying about earning cash.

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