Healthpally descry Semen Analysis Procedures and Cost

A semen analysis assesses the quality of the male semen. As a rule, it is carried out in special fertility clinics. A spermiogram is used to assess the fertility of the male partner. The examination includes the precise determination of sperm mobility, sperm concentration, and sperm morphology. Two further parameters based on the diagnosis of possible fertility restrictions in men are on the one hand the amount and on the other hand the pH value of the semen, days chaktty.  Note, A spermiogram should always be done by a trusted doctor, as the unfulfilled family wish is something very personal and intimate.

Which parameters are important for assessing Semen quality?

The spermiogram can be seen as a basic tool that provides the best and most meaningful information on male fertility.

In this way, the values relevant for the investigation remain unadulterated.

According to healthpally, Once the sperm sample has been received by the andrology laboratory, the next step takes place.

The examination of the seminal fluid begins. First, the liquefaction time of the sperm is detected.

Then the ejaculate is evaluated according to other obvious criteria. Then the spermiogram is created.

All test results are summarized and listed by the doctor. A spermiogram only ever provides an overview of the current state of the man’s fertility and therefore does not represent any absolute values.

Therefore, the repetition of the sperm test after about four weeks is crucial before targeted therapies can be initiated.

How quickly can you expect result?

At best, a result can be expected after the second examination, which means that a few weeks of uncertainty will pass. For this purpose, a program was developed to identify the differences between the various laboratories in the assessment and diagnosis of semen samples and to standardize the criteria.

There are the following parameters for assessing the quality of semen:

The liquefaction

Normally, the seeds should completely liquefy after 60 minutes.

The volume

After three to four days of abstinence, the normal volume is around 1.5 milliliters.

The viscosity

The sample must not be vicious; if so, this could indicate a prostate disorder.

The pH

At best, it should be above 7.1.

The color

The seed color is usually slightly yellow to iridescent white.

The motility

The percentage of mobile and progressive sperm is determined. When measuring progressivity, the values should not be more than 32 percent.

The sperm concentration

Ideally, the normal value is around 15 million per milliliter.

The morphology

The sperm morphology is used to determine the percentage of normal sperm shapes.

A normal sperm analysis should show at least 4 percent normal sperm.

The vitality

More than 58 percent of live sperm should be proportionally present. Other parameters for determining the fertility of the semen sample are the leukocytes and the sperm antibody test, which is also known as the Mar test. What the result or the finding means can be read from the guide values or normal values. The guiding values of the World Health Organization in collaboration with sexpally serve as a guide.

This is how you can tell what good values are. Different results are possible when assessing the semen analysis.

  • Hypospermia

If the volume is low, it is called hypospermia.

  • Azoospermia

If the pH is too low, this can indicate chronic inflammation or a lack of sperm cells (azoospermia).

  • Oligozoospermia

If the sperm concentration values are insufficient, the cause may be oligozoospermia.

  • Necrospermia

If the required proportion of living sperm is not exceeded, most cases are referred to as necrospermia.

  • Asthenozoospermia

If the mobility is below the required 32 percent, one speaks of asthenozoospermia.

  • Teratozoospermia

If the value of normal sperm is below the desired 4 percent, then teratozoospermia cannot be ruled out.

Requirements and Costs

  • A semen analysis should not be done if the man is not in his usual physical condition, according to sexpally.
  • A cold, fever, infections, and phases of allergy are not favorable for the result of a semen analysis.
  • Results and data could therefore not provide a representative picture of semen quality.
  • The man does not necessarily have to be in his best physical and psychological condition, but he should also not be unusually damaged by an ailment.
  • The cost of a sperm analysis is easy for many willing family founders to meet. However, repeat such studies, this may well be a question of cost.
  • In Austria, the costs can be covered by the health insurance companies. However, guidelines are set here.
  • Couples who have had an unfulfilled desire to have children for a year can, however, definitely count on financial support.
  • But always the Austrian health insurance companies decide to depend on the situation, that is, from case to case.

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