How to change your iPhone’s app icons

With so many apps on your iPhone, it can be hard to remember which app goes with which one, especially if you have limited space on your phone and need to move some of your apps to the cloud or delete them altogether. If you have no idea how to change your iPhone’s app icons, this guide can help! We’ll cover everything from finding hidden apps to designing your own custom icon and more!

Is it worth it?

One way to personalize your phone is by changing the app icons. If you’re not sure how, I’ve got you covered! First off, go into the settings and select general – this will show you various options for other settings, such as what size it is. From there, tap on application icons – this will open up a new menu showing all of the default Apple apps. From here, simply press and hold the icon that you want to replace until they wiggle. Once they wiggle, press the little X in the corner of each one.

After that, simply find an icon that you like better from another app or create one using Photoshop or Illustrator and drag it over. Tap next when done to save. That’s all there is to it!

Where to find new iOS icon kits

Changing the app icon on your iPhone can be done in just a few quick steps. First, download an iOS icon kit, then drag and drop the files onto your desktop. Open up the images you downloaded and pick one that suits you and is compatible with the rest of your logo colors. Once you have chosen a design, place it over top of the old icon file on your desktop so that both files are visible at once. Hold down shift and alt keys while dragging the new image over top of the old one. That’s all there is to it!

How to use new apps

Apps can be downloaded by going on the App Store and searching for the one you want. They are usually free to download, but some may cost a little bit of money. Once you have downloaded an app, it will appear on your Home screen. You can delete an app from this screen by pressing the icon on the bottom left of it until a red icon appears, then pressing delete on the top right.

To change an app’s icon on your phone, press the home button twice and go to settings. Scroll down until you see general and click it. Scroll down until you see app display and tap that option. Now tap edit in the upper-right corner of the page. You should now see all of your apps displayed in alphabetical order.

What do I get with a 3rd party app designer?

App designers provide a service that can help people make professional looking apps without having to know how. If you’re looking for professional design, making an in-app purchase might be more time efficient than hiring someone for just one job. When considering which service best fits your needs, think about the scope of what you want done.

Are you looking for a total app overhaul or would you like minor modifications made? The budget is also important because some services are significantly more expensive than others. You’ll need to take into account how much money you’re willing to spend and what results you expect from the investment. You may find that it’s worth investing in custom artwork if your only option is a low cost service with limited features.

What does it cost?

The cost of changing an icon will depend on whether you’re currently a part of the iOS beta program. In either case, it won’t cost you anything to simply delete an app and redownload it with a new icon. Keep in mind that deleting apps and redownloading them can take up storage space if you have many applications installed.

If you want to keep your icons but still make changes, Apple has a way for this too. You can edit your existing app by tapping Edit next to its name in the home screen dock and tapping get info. Select Change Icon and find one from within any other application or online using Safari or Google search.


To change an iOS App icon, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and select General.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select the app you want to edit and choose Select Icon.
  4. Tap on the desired App icon, which will prompt a pop-up box with the original App Icon and new App Icon options for you to choose from.
  5. Select your desired icon from this list and click Set. You have now successfully changed your iPhone app icon!

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