How to Conference Call on an iPhone

Setting up a conference call on an iPhone is easy and can connect you with up to five other callers.

  • Up to five callers can participate in a conference call at once on an iPhone.
  • With only five steps, you can quickly connect by setting up a conference call on your iPhone.
  • The built-in conference calling features of the iPhone might not be the best option for businesses.
  • This article explains how to set up conference calls on an iPhone for business owners and professionals who commonly need to host or participate in conference calls.

If your carrier offers it, using your iPhone to conduct a brief conference call might be a great option. While it won’t necessarily replace a whole company phone system or one of the many business phone applications that are available for iOS, if you master the fundamental procedures to organize a conference call on iPhone, it can allow you to merge five conversations at once fast and easily.

It’s important to note that not every cell provider or plan offers iPhone audio conference calling. If you don’t see any of the steps or directions we’ve provided here, make sure you’re allowed to have conference calls using your mobile device by contacting your service provider or consulting your monthly bill. Even if your carrier doesn’t offer this function, Group FaceTime may still allow you to communicate with up to 32 people at once provided everyone in your group has access to FaceTime on their device and a reliable mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

How to make a conference call using an iPhone

If your conference group is small, you can handle everything straight from your iPhone rather than having to phone into a password-protected conference line. While your carrier or plan may limit your ability to make conference calls, the majority of cellular and data plans come with this calling function as standard.

  1. Wait for the person to answer when you call the first number for your appointment.
  2. On the bottom left of the screen, click the “add call” button, which is marked with a plus symbol.
  3. Wait for them to connect before dialing the second number for your appointment.
  4. To start the conference call, press the “merge calls” button, which has an arrowhead with two tails pointing upward.
  5. You can invite more people by repeating steps 2-4.

You should be aware that you can only conference call with a maximum of five people on an iPhone.

How to remove a caller

Any conference call member may be quickly and simply removed at any moment. However, this function may only be used by the person who initiated the conference call. You may quickly bring someone back to your conference call if you unintentionally removed them, or you can accept them as an incoming caller.

  1. You may access information at any time by tapping the “info” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Look for the light blue lowercase I inside a circle next to the names of your callers.
  2. Next to the contact you wish to delete, tap the red “end” button.
  3. It’s conceivable that your carrier or plan doesn’t offer this function if you don’t see this screen or choice during your conference call.

How to add an incoming caller

Anyone you’ve invited to the conference may still show up if they phone you back if they miss the call. If you’re already on a conference call, your iPhone will let you add incoming calls. Please study the instructions below in order to add new callers:

  1. When the caller rings, click “Hold & Accept” in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the “merge calls” button in the bottom left corner of your screen when the caller has connected.
  3. At this stage, if the “merge calls” button is not shown on your screen, this most likely signifies that the feature is not supported by your mobile carrier or plan.

How to talk privately

On the iPhone, the “call merge” or conference calling feature offers the ability to chat privately with one of the contacts on your list. The chat privately tool is a convenient method to break up meetings or have a quick conversation with someone to address a crucial talking topic you might have overlooked.

  1. Tap the blue I or information button in the top-right corner of your screen when you are on a conference call.
  2. By pressing the “private” button on the right side of the screen, just below the person’s name or phone number, you may start a private discussion.

Conferencing calling app alternatives for iPhone

Many business users will find the iPhone’s five-person conference call restriction to be far too limiting. On iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, there are a multitude of softphone applications and conference calling software alternatives to the iPhone. You may effortlessly switch between work and personal conversations with distinct phone numbers while utilizing the same hardware with the help of several of these options, which provide dedicated business lines for local and international calling through your current iOS devices.

The top business phone systems come with a number of these applications that offer a wide range of expert features for communication, productivity, CRM integration, and much more. Some of our top picks for small company mobile phone communication in 2021 are the following five apps:

Ring Central:

According to our RingCentral review, it is a fantastic option for all conference calling requirements. On an iOS or Android-powered mobile device, users may place and receive calls from a different business line using the app. Up to 1,000 people can participate in audio conference calls at once with RingCentral. Personal subscriptions start at $29.99 per month with small company prices starting at $19.95.


Based in large part on its mobile features, which are ideal for outside-the-office work, we chose Ooma as the finest phone system for remote teams in our Ooma review. The service enables users to place and receive local and long-distance calls using VoIP and cellular over a cellular network or Wi-Fi. Ooma Bridge enables secure audio conferences with up to 10 people for each user while conference calling. Ooma’s monthly user fee is $19.95, and there are no commitments needed.


As the finest phone provider for Microsoft Teams integration, we settled on Vonage. However, it is a strong contender for any small organization because to its more than 50 voice and unified communication capabilities. You may connect up to 30 people with the Vonage Conference Bridge tool, and you can add or remove participants from the simple interface. The lowest-cost mobile plan with unlimited calls starts at $19.99 per line, per month.


According to our Nextiva review, it is the greatest business phone system for CRM integration. However, we also think that its business phone app is an effective resource for remote employees’ productivity and teamwork. Users may easily phone, chat, video or share screens with groups of people and experience HD audio conferencing with up to 200 participants per room. Up to nine people can join a conference at once with each license. For one to four users, Nextiva’s entry-level Essential plan is $23.95; bigger organizations purchasing annually can receive discounts of up to 25%.


Dialpad was rated as the top business phone system for voice intelligence and mobile features that go above and beyond the norm in our evaluation. With real-time transcriptions and sentiment analysis, Dialpad’s AI-powered capabilities are fantastic for conferencing and turn your conversions into useful information that your team can utilize to get additional insight from each encounter. The cost of the Dialpad Business Communications package, which includes unlimited calling, a large variety of cutting-edge features, and integrations, starts at $15 per user per month.

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