How to Draw a Rose Skull A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw a Rose Skull A Step-by-Step Guide

The human skull is generally associated with death and danger, although in its basic form, it is only a major part of the skeleton. However, it can also be something of morbid beauty and is often contrasted with traditionally bright objects, such as flowers, for a lovely juxtaposition.

Learning how to draw a rose skull can be a great way to bring beauty to a symbol of death, and if you want to create that image, you’re in the right place! By the end of this guide, you will be able to draw it yourself easily! We hope you have a great time with this step-by-step guide on how to draw a skull with roses in 6 steps.

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Step 1

We’ll be using a lot of thick, jagged lines for this guide on how to draw a rose skull, as this will help give it a more stylistic look. With this, draw two rare circular forms for the two eye sockets. Then add the two-pronged nasal cavity between and below them.

Then you can use a more defined line for the cheekbone on the left and then add another one on the right for the cheekbone there. Once you’ve drawn these along with a few minor details, we’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

This part of your rose head drawing will see you drawing the round top of the skull. This line will be smoother than the lines you have drawn so far to reflect the smooth top of the skull. Then we can add more thick line details on the right side of the skull, along with some detailing to further emphasize the cheekbone on the right.

Step 3

We’ll be adding a lot in this step of our guide on drawing a rose skull, so be sure to do it slowly and follow the image closely as you draw! First, we’ll draw the top row of teeth. Each tooth will have a rounded shape, and there will be clear lines between them.

This row will also connect to the cheekbones with some more rounded lines. Then we can draw the bottom of the jaw with another row of teeth. We’ll draw fewer teeth with a few spaces on this row to give it an extra kinky touch. You can also draw more lines detailing the rest of the front of the skull.

Step 4

The focus has been on the skull part of this rose skull drawing, and now we’ll focus on the first rose! As you probably know, a rose is made up of many petals that come together to form the rose shape, and it’s worth keeping this in mind when drawing the first rose on the left. Starting from the center is easier and working your way up there is.

There will also be a lot of line detail along the flower’s petals to give it more depth. Then finish off this special rose by adding some leaves to it as nicely. Then you’ll be ready for the final details in the next step of our guide!

Step 5

Soon it will be time to color your image, but first, we have one more rose to add in this step of our how-to draw a rose skull guide. You already added a rose in the previous step, and this second one on the right side will look very similar. It will be a bit larger since it is closer to using perspective, and it will also have a few more leaves.

Once you’ve drawn this second rose, you’re ready to go! Before doing so, you can also add some details to finish it off. You could do a lot to add your spin to this image, which is your chance to get creative! You can add more roses, draw a background, or add entirely new elements. What ideas do you have for adding your details to this image? We can’t wait to see it!

Step 6

We’ll finish with some amazing colors in this step of your rose skull drawing! Our reference image uses a bit of gray for the skull and pink and green for the roses. This is how we decided to finish this image, but feel free to use whatever colors you like! You can use any color; some brighter shades could help make this image even more stylistic. Choosing colors is only part of it, and you can also create amazing color variations by changing the art tools and media you use.

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