How to drop a pin in Google Maps

In Google Maps, you may bookmark a place by adding a pin to the map. If an address is not provided or is inaccurate, you may still preserve the location by dropping a pin at the spot. You may use your pinned places as waypoints for future visits or to arrange a gathering with friends.

Dropping the pin is a simple and easy feature available on Google Maps that you should employ. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to use this approach on whichever platform you want.

Dropping pins in Google Maps on mobile

The newest version of Google Maps makes it much more intuitive to drop a pin from the search box, and it even drops a pin automatically if you haven’t selected an address. It presupposes that you want a pin placed at the desired location if you are looking for an exact address. If you enter an address into the search bar, you may assume a pin will be sent there immediately. Using the map interface to locate a place still requires tapping and holding.

  1. Launch the Google Maps app on your Apple or Google-powered mobile device.
  2. You may either type in the address in the search box at the top of the page, or you can navigate around the map until you locate the spot you want to mark.
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  3. Simply by touching and holding the screen, you may release a pin. A little amount of pressure is all that is required.
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  4. Get turn-by-turn instructions to the place, which you can then share or bookmark, by tapping the pin.
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  5. Pinch out to remove a pin, and a box with “Dropped Pin” or “Specific Location” and an “X” on the right side will appear at the top. If you tap the X, the pin will fall out.
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Dropping pins in Google Maps on a Computer

  1. Go to Google Maps on the web.
  2. To pinpoint a specific place, either type the address into the search box at the top left of the page or navigate to the area you’re interested in. The location you provide in the search field will be marked with a pin. There is no more action required of you.
  3. If you wish to drop the pin anywhere, click the location with your left mouse button. If a marker is already in the spot you wish to mark, you may need to zoom in or click slightly to the left or right to make room for your pin. A little grey pin and a box of details emerge in the right-hand corner of the display.
  4. You may receive directions to the location marked with a pin drop by clicking the navigation symbol in the info box, or you can read on for additional details about the place you’ve chosen.
  5. On the page that opens after clicking More Info, you’ll see options to add the pin to Your Favorites, Want to Go, Starred Places, or a New List. Your Place in the main menu is where you’ll find all your stored bookmarks.

Dropping multiple pins by creating a map on desktop

The Your Places file is where you can keep track of all your different pins in one convenient location. However, keep in mind that Google Maps only displays one pinned place at a time, so you won’t be able to view all your pins on a single map. You’ll have to make your own map if you want to share all your locations at once.

Making your own map simplifies the pins’ locations while revealing their spatial relationships. The ability to see how far apart your most treasured pins are and how they relate to one another is a major benefit of this feature. Creating your own Google Map is easy, and we’ve explained the process for you below.

  1. Navigate to the Google Maps website.
  2. We want to mention that you don’t have to be signed into your Google account to leave individual pins. However, you need to be logged in if you want to save the pins. You also must sign into your profile when you want to create a Google map.
  3. Tap the menu icon at the top left side of your screen.
  4. After this, click Your Places, then Map, and lastly Create Map.
    A new window will appear, which will show you your newly personalized Google map.
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  1. Click Untitled Map to give your map a proper name and type in a brief description if you want. Don’t leave without clicking Save when you’re finished.
  2. You can record a precise location by tapping on the marker icon (this is located right beneath the search bar). You can tap a particular area to add a marker for this specific location, or you can easily use the search bar and type in your place of choice to find it.
  3. Click on the Add Directions icon in the icon bar beneath your first destination’s description. You may see it pop up at the top of the screen next to the first marker. Once you complete this step, you will notice an A field and a B field at the bottom left of the page. From here, you can quickly conduct a location search and use the side menu to keep adding additional destinations. You’ll see that your map will automatically link to the locations.
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  4. If you’re a person who only plans to use this map for personal purposes, the last step was your final step. There’s no need to do anything else. On the other hand, if you want to share your map with another person, you’ll need to click on the icon in the top left corner. After doing this, you’ll be able to see a preview of your map before you share it.

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