How to Easily Obtain Your Mobile Hotspot Password on Android and iPhone

Accessing your mobile hotspot can be extremely useful when you’re on the go and don’t have access to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, some phone providers make it difficult to get your mobile hotspot password if you’ve forgotten it or if you’re trying to find it on an Android or iPhone device. However, there are easy ways to obtain your password even if your provider doesn’t want to provide it to you over the phone.

Launch Settings on your Android device

To launch the Settings app, tap the circular gear icon that resides in your device’s application dock. After you’re presented with a list of items, navigate to the Wireless & Networks menu. Tap the Mobile Hot Spot option and you will be provided with your mobile hotspot password.

For iPhones running iOS 7 or higher, head into your device’s settings application and select the Personal Hotspot option from the top menu bar.

Navigate to Wireless & Networks section

You can access your mobile hotspot password by heading over to the Wireless & Networks section of your settings. For iOS, click Mobile Data. Scroll down and tap Mobile Hotspot underneath Mobile Data Settings. On this page, you’ll see a switch that is currently turned off called Personal HotSpot. Tapping this will toggle it on. Underneath this setting is a string of text you’ll need in order to use your phone as a hotspot: *************

Tap Mobile HotSpot

To see your mobile hotspot password, open your phone’s Settings app. Tap Mobile HotSpot then select Show Password. You will be prompted to enter your password again before being allowed access to the login screen. After this is done, you can go ahead and log in with ease by entering your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password into the text fields that appear below. Once logged in, you’ll be able to choose from a list of connected devices by tapping their icons. The mobile hotspot password is shown right next to each icon. Tap Connect next to any device you want to connect with so that it is saved as an option for future use.

Touch Show Password

The easiest way to view your mobile hotspot password is through the settings menu. To do this, you need to open your settings app, then click Wi-Fi. This will take you to the Wi-Fi settings for whichever network you are currently connected to. Once you click Wi-Fi, select the name of the network from which you want to retrieve your mobile hotspot password. If you’re using an iPhone, scroll down to see your Wi-Fi passwords; if you’re using an Android device, swipe down from the top of the screen until a notification pops up with a list of apps.


This quick guide will walk you through the process of obtaining your mobile hotspot password for Android or iPhone. From starting the hotspot from your phone to retrieving the password, we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps and in minutes you’ll be able to access your mobile internet through a wifi connection! The mobile hotspot is located under Wi-Fi Settings

Tap More, then tap Mobile Hotspot

Enter your network name and network password

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