How to Improve Security Operations via Security Guard Scheduling Software

Every business needs to work efficiently and effectively to grow further in the future. If a business is not investing in the right resources, it might not be able to grow and make its operations smoother. Besides, technology investment helps businesses prosper further and achieve their desired goals.

However, many times businesses face difficulty in achieving these because of factors they are not aware of. Usually, a business might fail or face losses instead of growth because its operations are failing to run smoothly.

This article discusses the importance of security guard scheduling software in improving security operations.

Why Workforce Automation is Necessary?

Survival and growth are always going to be important objectives for a business. They help businesses generate high profits and gain a standing in the business world.

An example we must consider is the security industry. A security company provides physical security to help customers safeguard their property, assets, or events. In a security company, you have a manager handling the entire operation. For instance, while managing security teams, screen your employees according to the BS7858 vetting standards.

Similarly, managers have to make calls to see whether their own shift is on time and if they have completed their designated number of roles. A flaw in this entire operations process could be very costly to a business. Hence, security companies invest and hire extensive human personnel to perform every task on time and accurately.

Workforce Management Software: The Ultimate Solution

Hiring more staff is not going to solve the problem, it may just exceed it. More staff means more careful management. If an employee does not pay proper attention or might be absent, the operations process might get disturbed.

Furthermore, extensive addition to your employees and managers is going to raise your costs. There is also a worry of human error in any of the tasks such as missing a shift, forgetting to call an employee, or not double-checking vetting documents when hiring.

To avoid these mistakes and reduce costs for operations, security businesses should be investing in technology to solve their problems. Many software companies have developed workforce management software that reduces costs and helps the business maintain their operations. An automated scheduling software can perform all these tasks.

Why Security Companies Should Invest in Workforce Automation?

A security company should invest in security guard scheduling software also known as workforce management software. It helps them improve their operations by minimizing the need to spend on extra hiring as well as avoiding any chance of human error.


The scheduling feature in the software is going to be helpful. A business will just need a team of employees that will be adding shifts to an automated calendar that will be available to all employees who have their respective shifts. They will simply access the software through a mobile app or desktop and have their daily schedules for the day, week, or month right in front of them.

Payroll Calculation

Calculating wages for every hour for every guard for every shift manually is going to be a waste of time. The right solution is to have the guard’s hours tracked and the right pay calculated.

When the shift is started through the software, it is automatically tracking hours and by assigning a specific wage rate to that shift. Besides, the system will generate the respective timesheet that will have the number of hours worked and the total wages that need to be paid. This feature reduces the time for calculating wages, minimizes chances of error, and helps pay your guard’s wages on time.

Automated Control Room Management

Another important aspect of a security company is to have a functional control room. However, there are chances to forget to call your lone guards when they are on shift. Carrying out check calls is essential to see if an officer is safe when working alone. Hiring more staff simply to manage the control room could confuse. It is also an added cost since you can automate the entire control room management process.

However, check call management in software can be helpful for a security company as the system will carry out these check calls for them. Companies will require only 2-3 employees to oversee the control room operations. Besides, in case the onsite employees miss a check call, the system will immediately inform the control room manager. Hence, the company does not need to invest in hefty resources to make check calls every 15 minutes.

BS7858 Staff Vetting

Lastly, security companies will not have to hire a large Human resources workforce to have their entire team of guards recruited and then vetted. Automating this lengthy process can save the company’s time, resources and money. It will help companies recruit employees much more quickly.

Staff vetting is a common feature in many software models that help to recruit and vet security guards easily. By simply providing the system with information about the potential security guards and their documents, it will automatically cross-check information and send their file for vetting to the respective third party.


In conclusion, security guard scheduling also called workforce management software can improve operations for a security company by automating most of their tasks. The only human involvement needed will be to simply carry out these tasks on the software that will perform the rest of the job. A security company will face little operational costs, avoid chances of error n shift scheduling, and will not have to spend heft amounts of money on staff.

Security guard companies should get in touch with Smart Workforce. This cloud-based security guard scheduling software can meet the entire workforce management needs. Companies can use this software for scheduling, vetting, check call management, and even more.

Smart Workforce is affordable and able to meet every requirement a security might have related to their operations. Security companies will benefit from reduced costs that will raise their profits and efficiency. This is also a bonus for the working environment of a company as it reduces the burden on employees motivating them to perform better.

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