How to Make Fruit in Little Alchemy – A Gamer’s Guide

When it comes to cooking, there are certain types of food that gamers can’t get enough of – fruit, vegetables, and so on. That’s because they form the basis of many popular recipes in the gaming world – not to mention their significant health benefits. That’s why gamers who play the Little Alchemy game need to know how to make fruit in Little Alchemy – it can help them get more points and level up faster! This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to make fruit in Little Alchemy . . . and more!

Apple Tree

Growing an apple tree is a lengthy process. You’ll need at least 6 hours (3 minutes per hour) of real time, 7 days of game time, and 72 Black Apples. Once you’re done growing the tree, make sure to wait until the following day before picking it up and selling it for a hefty profit!

Pear Tree

  1. Browse through the options for fruit, then click on the fruit you want to make.
  2. Choose what color fruit you want your tree to produce from either black or green, but be aware that some colors may not work together.
  3. The more shades of one color you select (either black or green), the more fruitful your tree will be and have less chance of producing a different color than what you wanted.

Orange Tree

When we learn how to make fruit, our first reaction is often What!? How do I grow that?. We’ll go over the basics of how you can make a orange tree and other fruit in the game. The most basic recipe for making a fruit is a stone plus one or more fruits. To get started with growing an orange tree, find the right-sized stone and then add any type of fruit on top of it.

Banana Tree

To make a banana tree, you’ll need two adjacent yellow blocks, one water block, and one tree stump. Place your bananas on the side of your farm plot so that they will grow off the edge of the outermost chunk of dirt. It’s up to you how many trees you want; just keep planting as many bananas as possible until they’re all gone.

Strawberry Plant

Fruit, or the tree-like creatures that produce fruit, are a recurring category of items in the world of Little Alchemy. There are three types of fruit available: apple, pineapple and strawberry. Placing two apples together will make an apple slice, placing two pineapples together will make a pineapple ring, and placing two strawberries together will make a strawberry plant. Creating this plant item is one of the simplest ways to unlock all three types of fruit without having to do anything more than adding them together!

Peach Tree

Starting out, your only choice is the peach tree. Placing it on the left side of the screen will cause one ripe peach to fall. Placing it on the right will produce two peaches at a time. Each tree needs 10 minutes before another can be created, and they take up 20 acres of land each. This means that you have a max of eight trees before you start running out of room for more.

Plum Tree

To create a Plum Tree, you need to combine an Egg with a Pumpkin. Pumpkins can be found on your farm after they have grown and been harvested. If you do not have access to your farm, try using the Harvesting Machine by selecting it from the Hotbar then clicking on any pumpkin that is on the ground and available for picking up.

Raspberry Plant

When you combine water and earth, you get dirt. Dirt is not a fruit, but when it is combined with the sun and air, it becomes a raspberry plant. You can make the raspberry plant produce raspberries by waiting for 15 minutes of real time. If you want to harvest the raspberries, do so before they are fully ripe because they only take two hours of growth time before they become hard.

Grapes Vineyard

Alchemists who want a vineyard can choose grapes. Grapes are used for many different types of drinks, so it’s worth the investment. To create a grape vineyard, enter the wine cellar (by opening the menu), and select Create Grape Vineyard. It takes 12 hours for a new grape vineyard to be fully established, after which point grapes will start appearing on vines. Planting two grapes on opposite sides of an orange tree will speed up the growth of both.


Eating fruit is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And now, thanks to a game called Little Alchemy, we can create them! Though it seems like the game will limit you to using only five ingredients, it actually offers an impressive menu of options that you can play with and experiment with. This guide has given you some helpful hints on how to make fruit.

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