How to rank your software on google

Software has long been the kind of thing that you install on your computer, usually after purchasing it from a software store or by ordering it online. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore, however. In fact, this model of software distribution has become somewhat obsolete, with many software developers and marketers now preferring to offer their wares through online marketplaces like Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore instead of through more traditional channels. The result of this trend is that it’s now much easier to find software online than it ever was before.

Keyword Research

This sounds easier than it is, but the way you can do this is by doing a few things that Google looks for when ranking software: don’t do black hat SEO; use relevant tags; and keep in mind that text optimization comes first. For example, when I created my agency blog, I knew that seo services would be one of the keywords so that’s what I focused on, while giving my own blog enough structure.

Build high quality website

As a leading SEO Services provider, we can help you take care of all the details. All that is needed from you is a high quality website or landing page. Let us worry about the rest. Here are some of our most popular services:

  • High-quality website or landing-page creation and hosting
  • Optimization for keywords (SEO)
  • Advanced Search Engine Strategies (SES)

Build high quality backlinks

So you want to rank better on Google? To make it happen, a lot of people are going to recommend that you use SEO services. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and the goal is to increase traffic through organic search engine results. One way that SEO can help with this is by getting backlinks. The idea behind backlinks is to get links from other websites linking back to yours which will raise your website’s ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The more backlinks you have coming into your site, the higher you’ll rank in searches related to those keywords.

Build high quality social accounts

A recent survey by BrightLocal shows that Facebook is the most popular social media website for small businesses, with 72% of respondents claiming to use it. The second most popular site is LinkedIn, at 46%. Businesses should not only be making an effort to build their company’s profile on these two sites, but should also explore opportunities in other places as well. Pinterest is a great opportunity because of its focus on images and offers many business owners a chance to showcase what they offer through pictures.

Track & Measure Results

Please include how you can track and measure your results. How many keywords did you target? What are the top 5 ranking sites that helped with ranking? Were they pages, posts, or both?

We found success by targeting specific keyword phrases related to our industry and focusing on creating original and informative content. We also made sure we had good SEO designations throughout our site which in turn led us up in the ranks for those very targeted words.


I hope that you have enjoyed this post about how to rank your software on the google. This blog will help you make good decisions about whether or not you want to hire someone else to do it, or if you want to take the time and effort and figure out how to do it yourself. If you do decide to hire someone, please make sure they are reputable, ethical and can provide verifiable references of past clients they’ve worked with. You don’t want a company who will charge you thousands of dollars up front without any guarantees of results.

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