How to receive calls and messages on non-PTA iPhone using any approved iPhone

You may buy any cheap older iPhone and use the sim in your new main iPhone if you have spent a lot of money and don’t have enough to pay for its approval, which is the case for the most current models that cost more than Rs140,000.

Here’s a way to make that happen if you’re wondering. Using the same Apple ID, you may sync both devices. Consider spending no more than Rs20,000 on a brand-new iPhone 6. When you insert your sim card into the PTA-approved iPhone and turn it on, both of your iPhones will receive incoming calls.

Interestingly, since both iPhones will use the same Apple ID, you may answer calls made to your sim card on the iPhone that has not been authorized by the PTA.

If you happen to own an additional iPhone that satisfies the requirements set out by the PTA, consider the following options:

  • In Settings, Select the Phone tab under Preferences.
  • Intercepting Calls Made from Other Equipment
  • To enable calls from other devices, tap the corresponding switch.
  • Installing for the first time:
  • Enhance Multi-Device Wi-Fi Calling
  • Select to allow calls to and from other iCloud® users’ devices
  • Use the toggles in the ‘Allow Calls On’ section to enable calls for that gadget.

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