How to remove Signature background using Microsoft Word in 2 Quick Steps

There will be a time when you must sign a document. When it comes to real papers, it is OK, but if the document is a PDF or another form, you will need to take a different method.

There is often an unattractive background that is hard to remove when a signature is scanned. You may use Microsoft Word as one method to get rid of the background from your signature. That is, unless you are an expert in photo-editing software like as Photoshop. Most of us are unable.

Go through the following three quick methods to remove the backdrop from your sign. We’ll use the Correction tool, which is located in the Format tab’s Picture Tools section. Let’s look at it now.

Step 1:

  • Open Microsoft Word and choose “Pictures” from the “Insert” menu to insert the picture.
  • Select your signature picture by going to the Pictures tab under the Insert menu.

The first step will be the inclusion of a legal signature. Let’s copy and paste a signature into a Word document after scanning it. To get started, open Microsoft Word and choose “Insert.” You may pick a picture from your local disc by choosing “Pictures.”

Step 2:

Make your selection from the drop-down menu for Format Picture.

  • Select Corrections in the top left.
  • Choose Picture Corrections Options from the drop-down menu’s bottom section.
  • A Format Picture menu should appear on your right.

Once your signature has been submitted, open Microsoft Word and pick the relevant picture under the “Format” option. Then Picture Tools will show up. Clicking on your picture will open the Picture Tools so you can edit it. In one of these tools, we’re seeking for the Holy Grail.

Tools are organised into four categories: Size, Arrange, Picture Styles, and Adjust. Choose the latter course of action. Background Removal is among the options listed under “Adjust,” and we previously used it in an image removal guide. You’ll be shocked to hear that it isn’t the best tool for the task despite the fact that it can seem like it.

Select “Corrections” after that, followed by “Picture Corrections Options.” We can easily change our signature right now by clicking on a few gifts, but for the interest of clarity, we’ll follow the circuitous route. This offers us more freedom to personalise our signature anyway we see fit.

In order to remove Signature using Microsoft in a few simple steps, follow the instructions below. If this was helpful to you, please let us know!

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