How to Track someone and Manage Your Activities on Instagram account?

One of the most popular social media platforms on the planet is Instagram. Every month, Instagram sees more than 1 billion active users. Instagram is a great platform for maintaining relationships with other users and fellow users. You will be aware of what they are doing if you utilize Instagram. Before then, Instagram’s Activity Feed had a feature called the following Tab. You were able to see the remarks, likes, and other actions taken by your followers.

In the year that followed, in 2019, Instagram removed it. Since then, many people are looking for various programs and even Instagram bots that can monitor their friends’ Instagram behavior. As a result, we will help these individuals and outline how to track your Instagram account.

MSPs are not limited to just watching Instagram profiles. You may view deleted Instagram photographs as well as private Instagram chats. Simply download the mSpy app to their phone and you’ll be able to find out whether they’re talking to someone on Instagram that you’re not aware of or don’t agree with.

You may view your Instagram discussions as well as any messages they’ve sent or received using the monitoring app. also pictures You may browse the Instagram contacts and check the dates when the messages were sent. Even private profiles are seen. It’s a terrific tool to make sure they’re conversing with the right Instagram folks.

Use Snoopreport to track a user’s Instagram activity. One of the best Instagram Activity Tracker software is snoopreport. There are millions of users using it worldwide.

How do I track your Instagram user’s Instagram account?

The ways in that you can follow the status of an Instagram account are listed below.

Keep open your eyes to the latest postings

Looking up a user’s most recent posts or checking the date they posted them on Instagram is one of the greatest ways to keep track of an Instagram profile’s activity. You may learn about what other users might be doing by looking at their most recent posts, which are posted by your friends. There are two ways to find a person’s most recent posts on that person’s blog.


The most popular way to view someone’s most recent postings is to visit their homepage, scroll down, and continue scrolling until you reach their most recent posts. This approach, however, is only effective if the person you’re thinking about following has already been followed.


Another option is to use Instagram’s Search and Explore tab to look up the profile that has the most current posts you want to see. Enter the user’s username in the search and explore fields, then go to their profile to look for this. The top of your screen when you visit will display their most recent posts. Additionally, you may click on an Instagram post to view the time at which it was posted.

However, this method only functions if the user whose profile you want to view has a public profile. You must be able to follow the person by sending the following request if the user has private profiles first.

If following these instructions seems challenging or hard to you, think about using Snoopreport. Snoopreport is a simple Instagram Activity Tracker tool that makes it easy to search up someone’s most recent Instagram postings.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Posts

On Instagram, you can only see who has viewed specific material. Here’s how and what you need to be aware of:

Since its debut in 2010, Instagram has been the preferred photo-sharing social media network on the internet. You might be mildly interested in knowing who visits your Instagram posts, Stories, or profile given there are more than 95 million photographs submitted to the platform every day.

What you need to know about tracking and how to see who viewed your Instagram photos is as follows:

Can You See Instagram Viewers?

Information about who views your profile and post is scarce on Instagram. So it’s understandable why inquiries like “can you see who viewed your Instagram post?” are so common.

You can see who has watched your Instagram photographs and videos to some extent, but this really just applies to Stories. Unfortunately, the program doesn’t support regular photo and video posts using this feature. As a result, unless they’ve liked it or left a remark, you can’t see who views your Instagram photographs or videos placed in your feed.

But you can view how many views a certain video post has.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can also monitor how many users have seen your post in their feeds or how many visitors you’ve had recently. However, you are unable to see the username list.

Regular posts only contain the names of people who liked your photo and left comments.

Utilize Snoopreport in order to monitor the user’s Instagram account, without following them.

One key component is needed for each of the aforementioned techniques. It’s that you have to keep up with someone whose work you admire. But occasionally this might be a problem because some people are unwilling to accept requests from followers who aren’t identified.

You can use a variety of Instagram activity tracker apps, such as Snoopreport, to stop this from happening.

Snoopreport allows you to view the Instagram likes of other users. You should follow the instructions below to see what your favorite celebrities and their friends are posting on Instagram.

STEP NO1 Sign up for an account at by entering your email address, followed by creating a username and password.

STEP NO 2: Decide on the plan you want. Depending on how many Instagram profiles you want to monitor, there are several services available. The cost increases with the number of accounts.

STEP NO 3: Select Dashboard. Enter the username of the account you want to track after clicking Dashboard, Add Account, and Dashboard.

STEP NO4. Wait a little bit, and then let Snoopreport take care of the rest.

You Can Utilize the other activities trackers on Instagram

You can use different Instagram activity trackers in addition to Snoopreport, which is without a doubt the greatest and most popular option among Instagram users. A few of those are:

KidsGuard Pro

It is a parental control app that enables parents to see what their children are doing, including what they are doing on Instagram. However, KidsGuard Pro needs to be downloaded on the user’s phone whose activity you wish to track, unlike Snoopreport, which is a dynamic Instagram activity tracker and doesn’t require any download or installation.

As a result, it is sometimes impossible and takes a lot of time. Therefore, we advise using the Snoopreport Instagram activity tracker.


AiGrow offers a solid social monitoring tool that is specifically targeted at marketers and influencers. However, compared to Snoopreport, which offers an even stronger social monitoring capability, the bundles of AiGrow are more expensive.

Plans for Snoopreport cost between $4.99 and $49.99 per month. Additionally, you cannot purchase solely social monitoring services in AiGrow. It’s because the bundle includes certain additional capabilities that are undesirable if your only goal is to grow your fan base.


The above important details describe how to track an Instagram account both with and without the aid of programs like Snoopreport’s Instagram Activity Tracker. To learn more about Instagram then click here 


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