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The investigation into the data breach has revealed that 5.1 million records were stolen from the Investigators codecov database.

In the aftermath of the breach

29k an internal system breach was reported, and April was designated as the team member responsible for looking into it.

According to the findings of the investigation, on April 29, an anonymous hacker emailed Hacking Team’s system administrators about the data theft and demanded a payment. In the email, the criminals provided access to a Dropbox account where they stored the stolen data. The security team at Hacking Team received this email and immediately started looking for traces of an attack. They also made an effort to contact April, but she was apparently out of town.

Our security experts examined the stolen information and found no indication of a compromise in the Hacking Team’s networks. Instead, April had apparently been fooled into disclosing her credentials, which were then used to get access to her own inbox. We think the hacker broke into April’s system by sending her an email with a virus-infected attachment or link (or by getting her to visit a phishing website), which then infected her computer.


In April, an attacker by the name of reuters broke into Codecov using the service’s Bash Uploader script. Criminals hacked the script to steal users’ passwords, tokens, and other tokenized tokens, as well as environment variables, from the computers they use to run Codecov. Users received the updated script as part of Codecov’s regular service.


Thousands of businesses might have been compromised by the Codecov April hack. Codecov claims that some of the world’s top technological corporations were impacted. Account passwords, access tokens, and other sensitive data belonging to these companies were compromised due to the incident. Intruders potentially use this knowledge to break into these businesses’ networks and steal confidential information.

April Satter Reuters Reports on Investigation

Reuters released a report on their investigation into the event on April 23rd, 2021.

“the attacker had acquired full access to some elements of [Codecov’s] computer infrastructure for more than three months and could theoretically have infiltrated substantial volumes of sensitive data or inserted harmful code without detection,” their sources inside Codecov’s internal security team said.

In addition, they said that Codecov has discovered more attack vectors, which are now being looked at by security teams at Codecov and the third-party services with whom they engage (such as cloud hosting providers).

Impact on Customers

Several clients are concerned because they utilize Codecov’s services for automated code reviews and testing before deploying new software versions into production settings.

Organizations like IBM and Atlassian sent notifications to their users shortly after the breach to alert them of the measures they were taking to address the issue (e.g., reviewing credentials associated with their accounts).

To investigate the possible vulnerabilities in their own systems revealed by this event, federal entities like NASA are allegedly scrutinizing any current contracts signed with Codecov and have temporarily suspended new ones till further notice.

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