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The gaming industry has quickly been overtaken by PUBG Mobile. People have PUBG Mobile on their phones and in their hearts. In India, several stars of this game have emerged. Among them, Levinho and Dynamo are both stars. It is impossible to be a fan of PUBG Mobile and not have heard of Levinho or the Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID. The focus of this article is Hydra Dynamo and Levinho’s PUBG ID.

Levinho and Dynamo are the most well-known PUBG Mobile content producers in India. When it comes to PUBG stars, they are at the top. Even Mortals chase them down. Levinho and Dynamo are YouTube stars in addition to being gamers. Why not just call them YouTubers? They are among India’s biggest YouTube stars. Why are they renowned? They, who? Observe Pokemon Unite.

Let’s examine Levinho’s and Hydra Dynamo’s PUBG Mobile IDs (546590561 and 591948701, respectively).

Who Is Hydra Dynamo PUBG Mobile ID?

Since Dynamo had remained hidden for so long, there was a lot of anticipation. But his supporters were impatient. He revealed his face out of love for his followers. Aditya Sawant is his actual name. He is India’s biggest video game celebrity. The anime character Naruto served as a major inspiration for his character Dynamo. What is known about his personal life is limited. We learn that he is friends with many well-known people, including Tanmay Bhatt and Cary Minati.

Hydra Dynamo PUBG ID: Income

Each month, Dynamo adds thousands of new viewers to his YouTube channel. Dynamo’s YouTube channel has more than 95 lakh subscribers and has received more than 600 million views. This number reveals a lot about his income. His live-streaming videos increase his income from super chat and donations. The amount is so enormous that it is difficult to comprehend. An estimate of Dynamo’s monthly revenue puts it beyond 20 lakhs. He makes almost 15 crores a year, according to our investigation! Amazing, isn’t it?

Fluid Dynamo Due to the restriction of PUBG Mobile in India, PUBG ID suffered greatly. He did begin playing PUBG New State, though. He has worked hard to earn the respect and love of his followers on that platform as well. As a result, Dynamo is undoubtedly among the best YouTubers in the nation.

Let’s look at Levinho’s PUBG ID now:

Levinho Gamer ID: Bio
Levinho, who goes by his true name Brahim, is Swedish. He is single and 22 years old. His personal life is not well known. You might not be aware that Sevou is his brother, though. He uses an iPhone 11 Pro Max for gaming.

Levinho PUBG ID: Career Statistics

Levinho is a member of the M-Menace clan. Levinho’s PUBG ID has an 8.02 victory percentage. At 4.74, the kill-to-death ratio is remarkable. He favors playing duos above all other types of games, unlike other players. His name is associated with more duos than solos or teams. He now has 4663 kills under his belt and is ranked as Diamond Tier 111. His three-finger and Gyro controls are well-known.

Levinho PUBG ID: YouTube

Levinho ranks among the most popular YouTubers. Additionally, he streams his videos live on YouTube. He first launched this channel in 2018. His YouTube channel currently has over 9 million followers and over a billion views, and these numbers are still increasing. As a result, he makes at least 15 crores every year.

It is impossible for us to estimate his donations and amazing conversations. He does, however, make a sizable income because he is one of the most popular YouTubers.

Levinho PUBG ID: Social Media

When it comes to social interactions, Levinho is a pretty traditional person. The only IDs we could discover were:

I am Levinho; email:

Instagram: levinhopubg

This concludes the discussion on Levinho and Hydra Dynamo for PUBG Mobile. They arrive in the form of PUBG Mobile’s Biggest Stars. They are also the most popular YouTube users worldwide. About either of their personal lives, not much is known. However, they daily gain thousands of new subscribers to their YouTube channels. For more information, follow them!

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