Little Alchemy: How to Make a Plant

Little Alchemy, an online flash game developed by Lion Studios, has taken the internet by storm with its addicting playability and quirky artwork. It’s a fun little game in which you create various items and living beings out of a combination of three basic elements, represented as one of the following letters: L (light), S (shadow), and C (color). In this how-to guide, we’ll teach you how to make a plant using Little Alchemy!

Click on Play

Making a plant in Little Alchemy is as easy as combining two of the ingredients from the game. Below are all you need to know on how to make your desired plant and upload it onto the database. 1) Click on Play in Little Alchemy. 2) Select one item, then choose the second item by clicking and holding down your mouse button until you find what you want, then releasing your mouse button and watching the result.

This opens up Little Alchemy 2

Did you know you can make a plant in Little Alchemy? It’s not that hard, either. All you need is Tin and Aluminum for this recipe. You will also need Seeds if your animal or tree was not fertile before trying to mix it with the Tin and Aluminum. If you follow these instructions, then we guarantee that the results will be fantastic!

Once the game has loaded, click on Create

In Little Alchemy, you can make a plant by combining four components: the branch, bud, leaf and root. Begin by clicking on Create on the right hand side of the screen. You will be taken to a list of all possible ingredients. To make your plant, combine any one ingredient with another by clicking on them and dragging them over one another. The ingredients that are on top need to have more than half of their box covered with the bottom ingredient in order for them to be combined into one item.

This opens up your inventory

After opening up the game, you will see your character’s screen. Tap on the icon of two squares on the bottom left side of the screen. This will bring up Little Alchemy. If this is your first time playing, tap PLAY GAME and go through each round until you unlock Little Alchemy mode. Then return to play and make a plant in Little Alchemy!

On the left-hand side, you’ll see some tiles. Click and drag these onto the middle (the pot).

The types of plants you can make are as follows, with the corresponding tiles on the left-hand side and their effects on the right.

Mushroom–increases HP by 10%

Tree–increases HP by 20% and MP by 30%

Waterlily–restores 200 HP when consumed

Bush–reduces weight carried by 5 pounds for 4 hours. Arrowroot Tree–consumed for effect; doubles movement speed for 6 seconds.

Select each ingredient you’re adding so that it glows yellow. If you have more than one of a particular ingredient, you can select multiple by holding Ctrl on PC or Cmd on Mac

Sometimes, you’ll want to craft more than one of the same item from Little Alchemy. Luckily, it’s easy to make as many as you need by selecting the ingredients one-by-one. You’ll need to first select the type of ingredient you’d like, then click and drag over all the ingredients in your box so that they all turn yellow. Let go and that’s it! Now, when you make items in Little Alchemy, there will be an option for making many of them at once.

When finished, press Done. This brings you back to your inventory screen. If necessary, add more ingredients by repeating Step 6

Once you have created a plant, open your inventory and place the new plant in the spot that corresponds with what type of tree it is. (for example, if you created an apple tree, put it in the top row.) This will make for speedy planting when you get back to your game and will help keep things organized. Now you can focus on exploring other possibilities by following the steps above.

When finished crafting your item, press Close, then click on Play and enjoy!

You are almost finished, but there’s one more thing you need to do! We need you to place the new plant on the ground. When it is ready, use the Block button in the lower right corner and then click on any block where you want your plant. You have made your own plant! If you would like a better look at it, just press Show All and walk up close.


The process of Little Alchemy is simple enough and all of the possible combinations are varied and creative. So, if you have some time on your hands, get ready for a treat. You can make almost anything! All you need is your imagination, an open mind, and a little free time. I hope that this blog post has been helpful and that you now know how to play this addicting game. Please feel free to comment below with any questions or comments about my blog post!

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