Loranocarter+Athens: The Next Greek Fashion House


Loranocarter+Athens: A new Greek fashion business has arrived in town. The clothing for Beyonce’s 2013 World Tour was created by Vrettos Vrettakos. His high-end collections with distinctive patterns and material combinations are well renowned. Athens is where he has his showroom.

Quality & Edgy Designs

Lorano Carter, a Greek fashion business with a base in Athens, has a reputation for high craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. The designer has links abroad and a flourishing licensing business, exporting his works to more than 30 nations. Athens is where he was born and raised. His father had a retail store selling high-end textiles. Celebrities like Pat Cleveland and others coveted his creations, which adorned the Fifth Avenue storefront of Bergdorf Goodman.

For the past few years, Loranocarter+Athens has been creating buzz in the fashion industry. These designers have been establishing themselves by showcasing intriguing and unique designs that are inspired by the vibrant culture of the Greek city. They are committed to reinventing the Greek fashion scene and making clothing that is influenced by the rich history of the nation.

Focuses Sustainability Designs

In 1970, Dimitris Parthenis established Parthenis. His unisex apparel is well known for having roomy, cozy fits. Oralia, his daughter, carries on his legacy by designing a line of unisex “elegant Sportif” clothing. The company emphasizes sustainability in its designs and employs premium natural fibers.

The Athens-based company Aesthet offers a carefully chosen selection of leading Greek designers. It provides a range of goods created by up-and-coming Greek designers in addition to the collections of well-known fashion brands. Aesthet carries brands including Berthelotti, Themis Z, and Sophia Enjoy Thinking.

Most Prestigious Fashion Events

Design expertise is a strength of Lorano Carter Athens. The duo has collaborated with household names like Samsung and Kiehl’s in addition to being invited to show their collection at the most renowned fashion events. Their artwork is inspired by Greek sculpture and architecture. Additionally, they help nearby communities by using traditional craftsmanship to produce one-of-a-kind items.

One of the most talented young Greek fashion designers is Pentheroudakis. The young designer started her own company in 1999 after completing her fashion studies at Central Saint Martins College of Fashion. She made the ceremonial attire for the 2004 Summer Olympics in conjunction with the Italian leather company Ruffo Research.

ICollaborated International Designers

International designers including Chanel, Versace, and Giorgio Armani have worked with the fashion label. The collection includes images of well-known Greek and foreign personalities in addition to its fashion lines. The Center for Gender Rights and Equality will receive the proceeds from the silent auction.

Greek culture serves as the inspiration for the upscale sportswear company. The clothing is constructed of natural materials and fits loosely for comfort. Both men’s and women’s apparel can be found in this collection, and the designs are both classic and modern.

Mythological Parents Goddess

Pentheroudakis offers premium apparel in the name of the Greek gods in addition to its style. Zeus and Dionysus, the fabled parents of the good Aphrodite, are honored in the designer collection, which is constructed entirely of materials from Greece. The brand has 55 shops spread over 55 locations worldwide and has caught the interest of well-known figures like Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo. Since 2011, its collection has gained recognition, and its target market is the fashion-conscious woman and guys seeking something distinctive and unusual.

The New Designers Awards will spotlight the up-and-coming talent in Greece during Athens Fashion Week, a major event for the country’s fashion industry. Greek fashion designers’ private collections will also be on display at this event. An awards ceremony will wrap off during the event, during which the winners will be declared.

Professor Louise Wilson

Athens-born designer Sophia Kokosalaki attended Central Saint Martins in London to further her education. She received her education there from renowned Professor Louise Wilson. She developed her collection and debuted it at London Fashion Week after earning her degree in 1998. Since then, she has collaborated with companies including Joseph, Diesel Black Gold, and Ruffo Research.

She also promoted her Hellenic roots by adding gloomy Cretan landscapes and old mythology into her creations. Dimitris Papaioannou, the creative director of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, invited Kokosalaki to create outfits for the participants. She also created the outfits worn by the Aegean Airlines staff. The workforce of the recently opened Astir resort in Vouliagmeni was chosen to wear the most recent iteration of her clothing.

Emotion & Memory

The foundation of Kokosalaki’s design concept is memory and emotion. Her pirate-ins are inspired by Minoan snake goods. Women who were not trend followers favored her ready-to-wear designs. He made clothes that people wore to celebrate like Carrie Bradshaw.

Giannis Raptis and Dimitris Mastrokalos are the designers of the new Greek fashion label Mi-RO. The company strives to combine Greek and Italian design. The goal of the designers is on developing distinctive, cutting-edge styles that anybody can wear. Select retailers and internet retailers will carry their newest line.

International Fashion Shows

Designers for the company are from Corfu and Crete. They emphasize smart design, contemporary and feminine lines, and priceless materials. The designers pay close attention to detail and place a strong emphasis on the caliber of their materials and the manufacturing process.

The designers have also displayed their altruistic side by taking part in several Greek charity activities. They have worked together on costumes for theatre and movies. They also created the costumes for the play “The Life, the Style, and also the Seven Dwarfs.” For instance, they participated in the Taste The Fashion charity gala and the Madwalk by Vodafone, both of which supported Friends of Children With Cancer.

Minimalist Casual Chic Style

A second store was established in Mykonos by the creative team Dimitris Parthenis in 1979 after opening their first one in Athens in 1970. Their minimalist, casual-chic aesthetic immediately gained recognition on a global scale. The brand, which is now well-known worldwide, also dominated the Greek market by the middle of the 1980s.

Despite now residing in Paris, Ioannis Papadimitriou has visited Athens Xclusive Designers Week. He authored a book about the significance of clothes in culture and studied historical anthropology. His collections are informed by this understanding. His designs incorporate both classic and contemporary elements, as well as cutting-edge textiles.

Fashion House Greece

You’ve undoubtedly thought about visiting the city of Athens if you’re wanting to spend the summer in Athens, Greece. However, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of before going. In addition to working as a real estate broker, Lorano Carter runs a Greek fashion brand and is an artist. The city’s independent art culture, which has flourished since the financial crisis and social instability, will also be covered.

Real Estate Agent

Lorano Carter is an Athens native with 25 years of experience in the real estate business. She specializes in lofts and condos throughout the city. A top performer in her profession, Lorano Carter has assisted several clients in finding the ideal residence.

Carter attended the University of Georgia to study business and real estate. She has her agency and is a registered real estate agent. Carter can assist you in finding the ideal location in downtown Athens, whether you’re searching for an apartment or a loft. The iconic Parthenon, considered a symbol of Ancient Greece’s democracy and Western civilization, is located in the ancient city center of Athens.

Lofts & Condominiums

Georgia’s Athens is home to real estate agent Lorano Carter. He has his own brokerage company today after studying business and real estate at the University of Georgia. Due to his devotion and hard work, he has become an expert in lofts and condominiums in the downtown area. He has aided customers in house sales and purchases all across the world.

Lorano Carter is an accomplished linebacker who also has artistic and culinary skills. Carter, who is from Oklahoma City, spent most of his childhood moving across the country and living in different towns. After studying art and culture in California, he eventually wed the artist Christopher Kier.

Greek Fashion House

In Greece, Loranocarter is a well-known fashion brand. German-born entrepreneur and designer who later attended the London College of Fashion for education. In 1998, after graduation, she started her own business. She immediately gained a distinguished clientele. She increased her output in 2000 by establishing two more ateliers.


The designer provides both traditional and modern styles, and the clothing is both reasonably priced and fashionable. Both fashionistas and celebs admire the designer’s clothes. The company provides free delivery and returns as well.


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