Metal in Little Alchemy: How to Make It From Scratch

There are many different ways to make metal in Little Alchemy, the popular game that challenges you to create new elements out of old ones using the alchemy mini-game within the app. Before you get started, it’s important to have all of the ingredients necessary to create metal or your alchemy might not work out and you’ll end up losing points instead of gaining them. Don’t worry; this guide will tell you everything you need to know about creating metal in Little Alchemy!

What is metal?

As the name suggests, metal is a substance that consists of any material made of a metal element or an alloy. Some common examples of metals are gold, silver, iron, and platinum. The characteristics of metals depend on the type, such as gold being shiny and pliable while lead being heavy and soft. When it comes to alchemy in Little Alchemy, there are many ways of making different metals with varying levels of difficulty depending on what you’re looking for.

Obtaining metal from elements

The various ways of making metal in little alchemy are varied and diverse. To make Metal, you need the use of a Magic Code. These codes are used to either decrease or increase a creature’s resistance. Some codes are permanent, but others have time limits. For example, if someone needs to make Steel from scratch, they would first turn Tin into Copper by combining it with Zinc. They would then add Iron with Zinc (again) and Molten Silver with the code 766778. Lastly, they would add Gold with Silver (again) using the code 514282.

Basic recipes

There are three basic ways of making Metal in Little Alchemy. You can use Yellow, Blue, and Red stones to create a Basic Metal (all metals used as Common), Rare, or Legendary metal. You may also use any two gems together, with the resulting item being called Common Gems. Both recipes require an ingredient that is found between levels one and twenty-eight.

For example, if you want a Rare Metal, you would need three Blue Stones. If you wanted a Legendary Metal, you would need six White Stones and six Black Stones. These ingredients are not difficult to find in the game’s early stages.

Advanced recipes

You have a number of metal recipes available at your disposal if you’re looking for some DIY metal. Tin and Lead are relatively easy enough to come by, but some less common metal elements such as Zinc and Antimony can be slightly more challenging. One recipe involves mixing one part copper with three parts zinc, producing Coperite. While this metal is fairly popular (and widely used) it can also be difficult to acquire depending on the resources around you.

Exclusive recipes

In order to make Metal from scratch, you will need four Raw Metal, two of each type except Iron, which only needs one. If you are trying to avoid getting Iron for the same reason I did (thinking it was useless), then now is your chance! You will also need a Bucket of Lava and four Sour Berries. Put the two Ores of the same type together on an Oven, which will create two Unprocessed Ore.

The more Ores that are put together at once, the faster this process will be. Next, take these Unprocessed Ore and put them in an Ice Box with one bucket of water, which creates Crushed Ore. Finally, crush these Crushed Ore again with two buckets of water until they turn into Dusty Crushed Ore.


When you’re done, your only materials that should be left are Empty Cans and Tin Cans. Empty Cans will make Copper, Lead, Nickel, and Zinc when combined with Saltpeter (sulfuric acid) which can be bought at any hardware store. Tin Can create Bronze. That’s it! The rest of the materials will just sit there. Congratulations! You have just made your own metal without spending a dime! All you need is some saltpeter, empty cans, and tin cans.

The good thing about this is that not only did we get some new metals but also saved some money by making our own metals instead of buying them from the store.

The bad thing about this is that the process may take a while depending on how many different metals we want to make.

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