MNSU D2L: Login to your MNSU D2L Brightspace Account

MNSU D2L Brightspace, a Desire2Learn site, is available to students and teachers at Minnesota State University, Mankato so that they may participate in online courses whenever and from wherever they like. Students may access course materials, participate in discussions and quizzes, hand in work, check their progress, and network with instructors and peers via this helpful platform.

StarID for MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account Login:

Access to the MNSU D2L Brightspace online portal is restricted to current students and faculty members with a valid StarID. Use your MNSU-issued StarID to access online resources like D2L Brightspace and MSU email from anywhere in Minnesota. It allows you to replace several login IDs with a single central ID and a single password for all of your accounts.

The Minnesota State StarID Self Service is where you may go if you’ve forgotten your StarID or need to activate it. To that end,

  • Visit to access the MNSU StarID Self-Service
  • Right-click and choose “Activate my StarID” or “What is my StarID?” depending on your need.
  • Tech ID, email address, verification code, library card, or state employee number are all valid possibilities.
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve or set up your StarID by clicking the “Continue” button.

How to Log In to D2L MNSU Brightspace Online Account:

Follow the steps below to link your StarID to your D2L MNSU Brightspace Online Account. You can use this StarID to login into your MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account anytime you choose. Follow these steps to login to your MNSU D2L Brightspace Account Online:

  • Go to to access D2L Brightspace at Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • You may sign in with your StarID by clicking the blue “Sign in with StarID” icon in the page’s upper left corner.
  • To sign in, just fill in your StarID and password and click the green “Sign On” button.

MNSU D2L Brightspace Non-StarID Login:

No StarID is required to access your MNSU D2L Brightspace Online Account and its accompanying online courses and lectures. To that end,

  • D2L Brightspace may still be accessed at
  • You may access the site without a StarID by selecting the link labelled “Non-StarID Login” that appears at the sign-in box’s bottom left.
  • To access your MNSU account, please enter your MNSU Login Username and Password in the areas provided and then click the “Log In” button.

Minnesota State University, Mankato students may access their individual course information via the “My Course Widget” after they have logged in. Plus, take advantage of the plethora of self-paced materials, drop-in hours, one-on-one tutoring, and other features available to you in D2L MNSU Brightspace.

How to Reset MNSU D2L Brightspace Account Login Password?

If a user of Minnesota State University’s D2L Brightspace needs to update or reset their password, they may do so. To accomplish so, go to, the official online gateway for D2L Brightspace at Minnesota State University, Mankato. A “Forgot your password?” link appears just below the “Sign in with StarID” option.

You may also use the MNSU StarID Self-Service portal directly by visiting To confirm your identity, please choose the first box labeled “Reset my Password,” then select one of the following alternatives and fill out the required fields.

  • Barcode from your MNSU library card Tech ID
  • 8-digit Student ID registered Email Address
  • Your StarID account Verification Code and Last Name or Email Address which the code was received
  • 8-digit Id of Government Employees

To modify your existing D2L Brightspace password, you must first log in with your current StarID credentials. If you’ve forgotten your password, you may reset it after entering the previous one.

Keep in mind that there is a time limit on the use of your StarID password. Every 180 days, at the absolute least, you should give it a new one. The MNSU StarID system will send you a reminder 21 days, 7 days, or 1 day before the password expiration date, depending on which option you choose.

If you have forgotten your password and are not a member of StarID Login, you may access a password reset page by clicking the link that appears just below the login button on your Login page. Enter the username, and a new password will be sent to the user’s email address.

Features and benefits of MNSU’s online LMS, D2L Brightspace. D2L MNSU Brightspace is a web-based learning management system used by Minnesota State University, Mankato. Authorized MNSU students and staff may perform the following in preparation for their online courses using this course page.

  • Acquire a voice in a debate
  • Here are some tests for you to take and answer.
  • Please review the revised grading and submission schedules.
  • Get some assistance if you can’t complete an assignment in time.
  • Log in to the digital library and start gathering resources for your projects.
  • You may tailor your online learning experience to your specific needs by using the tools and settings at your disposal.
  • If you have any questions about the course material, please ask your teachers or TAs.
  • Make use of D2L’s resources for online learning and teaching, file sharing, course cataloging, and more.

Contact Information:

Minnesota State Service Desk Phone Number: 877-466-6728

Official Mailing Address:

Minnesota State University Mankato

228 Wicking Center

Mankato, MN 56001-6062



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