Money Making Ideas to Kick off with On-Demand Apps in 2023

Introduction to On-Demand Apps

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled the growth of on-demand delivery businesses. Forced to stay at home, more and more people turn to these companies for food products and pharmacies.

The decision of most countries in Europe and Latin America to limit circulation on the streets due to the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the activity of delivery men, who remain among the few who still walk the deserted streets.

However, companies have had to adopt various measures to appease fears. For example, Postmates implemented “contactless delivery” in the United States.

In the application, customers can request that the order be left at their doorstep so that there is no interaction between the delivery person and the customer.

So, home delivery with on-demand apps for all kinds of products is an essential modality for any business.

To ensure effective delivery, companies have had to invest heavily in their mobile applications and expand their number of delivery people, in order to respond to the boom in demand, without increasing the waiting time of customers. dozens of companies that offer home deliveries on behalf of affiliated establishments.

To increase the choice of consumers, an on-demand delivery solution was born, the first platform that offers all establishments that offer home delivery service, the opportunity to list, by category, and reach the user on a single platform.

Advantages of developing an on-demand app

With an on-demand delivery app, the end customer is reached directly, so it is possible to identify that customer well and track their perceptions about the product or service.

To be successful, delivery companies must have a mobile application adapted to contemporary standards and offer facilities in the payment system; in addition, they must guarantee a minimum time in delivery.

Money Making Ideas to Kick off with On-demand Apps

The delivery will reach a turnover of 23 billion euros in Europe by 2023, according to a study prepared by Deloitte.

The United Kingdom is the European country with the highest penetration of delivery companies, with a turnover that will reach 6,700 million dollars in 2023, a figure that will double Germany, with an estimated 2,800 million, and France, where the turnover will reach 2,500 million. Spain ranks fourth.

Applications such as Amazon have had a great boom because, in addition to allowing last-mile shipments of all kinds of products, they also offer delivery services to other restaurants that previously did not have that option.

1.      Delivery of farm products

A similar service delivers exclusively natural farm products. The implementation of the “from garden to table” concept is possible if there are many farms within a radius of 150 km from you with which you can cooperate.

The scheme of work looks like this: a client orders a certain set of goods from you (meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products), and you carry out the purchase and delivery of these orders during the day.

The closer your partners are, the lower your shipping costs will be. Therefore, this idea should be tested by evaluating the ability to find reliable suppliers.

The project will bring benefits to all parties: the client receives a high-quality and fresh product, the farmer quickly sells the product and gets his percentage of the profit, and the delivery service gets his commission for the service.

This idea is especially relevant for farmers who are looking for an opportunity to sell their products on their own, as well as for shop owners selling farm products.

The transition to online sales should be viewed not only as an additional service in the spirit of the times but also as an anti-crisis measure.

2.      Delivery of books by subscription

The “subscription products” trend is gaining popularity. Article Submission sites and pdf submission sites This scheme assumes regular delivery of goods that the client needs.

The service fulfills one of the tasks: to free the client from the obligation to remember about everyday problems (for example, delivery works), or to introduce the client to certain products, simplifying the choice and saving his time. An example of such a scheme is a book delivery service.

The service works as follows: at the first contact, the client fills out a questionnaire – where he indicates his age, interests, and preferences by genre, book design, etc.

Service employees analyze these questionnaires – and they themselves choose books for the customer. According to the selected tariff, the client receives a set of books every month or quarter.

A courier delivers books to your home in a gift box. And if the recipient suddenly does not like the book, he has the right to exchange it for another.

3.      Delivery of books by subscription

You can offer cooperation to bookstores. Given the popularization of reading, this idea can be successfully implemented in the market. There are not many such services at the moment.

These services have their own website. An option for beginners is a blog on Instagram. There are several projects now selling surprise book boxes. Many websites provide subscriptions and many provide free guest posting sites for marketing their products.

Usually, these are one-time sales, but the idea of ​​a “book by subscription” will perfectly fit into this format.

4.      Congratulatory courier service for the delivery of flowers and gifts

Many people, for various reasons, cannot personally congratulate their friends and relatives. For such cases, a congratulatory courier service was invented.

It will arrange the gift on her own and bring it to the recipient’s home. This service helps to please your loved ones, regardless of distance and circumstances. The service will be in demand in large cities and megalopolises.

5.      Water Delivery

Drinking water delivery is in high demand. The volume of orders is growing by 15-20% annually. People order bottled water at home.


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