More sustainable large format banner materials

Three new products in the Kavalan portfolio to improve accessibility to PVC-free solutions

TAYA Group announces the launch of three new products in the Kavalan range, preparing to offer PVC-free material options to more businesses. The new products are Spiderweb 300 L! ner, Sunlight Weldable Basic, and Sunlight ZeRo.

As Kavalan expands geographically through its rapidly growing distribution network, the expanded range of PVC-free products will enable many more companies to adopt more sustainable large-format banner materials.

Spiderweb 300 L! ner is the first PVC-free mesh liner available on the market. As a complementary product to Kavalan’s Spiderweb PVC-free meshes overnightprinting material, Spiderweb 300 L! ner will allow for a more versatile application of the material in businesses. As well as being an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC mesh, this liner is also lighter and can help companies overcome the challenges associated with printing with latex technology.

More sustainable large-format banner materials

Sunlight Weldable Basic offers an advantageous entry point for companies looking to expand their offering with non-PVC materials. This basic, non-flame option of Kavalan’s flagship product, Sunlight Weldable, is a cost-effective channel for companies moving away from PVC for the first time.

Sunlight ZeRo is the first fully biodegradable product in the Kavalan range. Previously, other options in the Kavalan range had biodegradable liners. Biodegradable materials are a breakthrough innovation in large-format materials, considering the amount that ends its life in landfills.

I-Chien Lin, Chairman of Taya Groups, comments: ” We are proud to add three original products to the Kavalan range that really open up the PVC-free revolution to a number of start-ups of different sizes and scopes, whatever the stage in who are on their ecological journey. We have increased R&D and worked closely with our customers to ensure we deliver the solutions the industry needs, and as we move closer to making PVC-free a standard rather than a specialty, we will continue to develop our portfolio.

We also usually take on many projects related to large-format digital printing.

One of the most important business lines of our company is, without a doubt, large-format digital printing. We have a lot of experience in the design of all kinds of canvases, banners,  advertising banners, vinyl, fabrics, paper, etc…, and with the necessary measures.

Thanks to our deep knowledge, high Know How, and excellent team of professionals, we can take care of any project that comes our way.

We are capable of manufacturing large-sized tarpaulins, always meeting delivery deadlines and at very reasonable prices.

PVC banners

This type of canvas is one of the most common and we do it with cast or laminated canvas. You can also choose a special micro-perforated canvas, with which greater resistance to the wind is achieved, avoiding the so-called “sail” effect.

We can take care of canvases and prints of up to 5 meters, perfect for dressing buildings and facades with your company’s corporate image or advertisement. If it is necessary to make a larger canvas, we can weld more than a 5-meter canvas, until the desired measurements are achieved. There is no project that resists us!

It should also be noted that we can work with different supports, depending on the characteristics of the location where the canvas must be installed: eyes, guides, PLV, displays , pop-up …

commercial banners

At Graficser we have also manufactured many commercial banners for all kinds of businesses; In PVC, woven,   and with a stainless steel pole, we usually make them in different formats or sizes, without any problem, and with a final result of the best quality. The three sizes that we produce the most are 30×50 cm, 40×60 cm, or 50×90 cm.

Experience has shown us that they are ideal for giving a business more visibility from any point on the street where it is located. We always recommend that you ask the town hall for the municipal regulations so as not to make mistakes that could invalidate the final result.

banners for lampposts

These are PVC banners, and with usual measurements of 90×120 cm, being able to adapt them to the needs of each client or project.

They are used to give information to passers-by; we usually see them in the big cities showing the cultural, sports or economic agenda of the area; they also fill the streets of the whole country in times of electoral campaigns.


We are facing a canvas model designed for both exteriors and interiors; Made of recycled material, it does not contain PVC and its fastening system is very simple. The back of the canvas is very quickly attached directly to the panel or wall using a special adhesive grain. It does not wrinkle and is practically indestructible. It can be folded to transport it and its price is much cheaper than the previous options.

Request information about our large-format digital printing services

If you need one of these canvases, banners or banners to promote your business or a project of any kind, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. We have always liked to offer direct and close treatment to each of our clients, advising them from the first moment, putting all our knowledge at their entire disposal, and ensuring that they always make the right decisions. That is our great value!

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