Mouth-Watering Recipes You Can Try with Tangy Tomato Chippy’s

Among all chips flavors, tangy tomato is one of the highly loved and preferred ones. If we talk about the chippy’s tangy tomato, it is offered by one of the leading and prestigious chip manufacturers in India – Kiwi Foods. This firm takes great pride in bringing the best taste of fresh and organically harvested potatoes. The tangy tomato chips are prepared with freshly-sliced potatoes. After that, high-quality oil is used to deep fry the sliced potatoes. Lastly, fried chips are seasoned with the yummiest flavors of tangy tomatoes by infusing the same with the aromas of tomatoes, ginger, garlic, black pepper, bell peppers, etc.

Along with tangy tomato chips, this provider has a huge variety of spicy and crispy snacks and sweet and delicious candies.


Tangy Tomatoes: What This Flavor is All About?

Tangy tomato chips by Kiwi Foods have such a spicy-tangy-sweet flavor. You can clearly smell the typical taste of European ketchup that can easily stir up all your taste buds.

When it comes to the packaging, the tangy tomato chippy is available in easy-to-carry, light, and affordable packs of 5Rs. and 10Rs. Because of the unique flavor, these chips can be your perfect partner for picnics, office snacks, movie nights, etc. Many people also make a “bouquet” by adding different chips and candies to give as a gift during the festive seasons. To put it simply, this chip is quite a versatile option too.


Creative Recipes that You Can Make with Tangy Tomatoes Chippy

We all know the great taste of these chips from the best snack company in India. But do you know that you can actually experiment with this spicy and sweet snack? If not, then check out the following:


  • Sprout Salsa

Do you love sprouts? If yes, then it is high time to twist it a bit. You can add a layer of delectable tangy tomato chips to your spouted bean salad. Besides, some peanuts, raisins, salsa, and sauces can also be added to give that extra perk. Believe us –your kids will love this recipe.


  • Crispy Veggies Salad

Everyone loves that extra crunch over the vegetable salad. And no other option is better than the tangy tomatoes chippy on the sliced carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and salad leaves. After doing it, just toss the salad and add some spices and sauces for extra flavors.


  • Baked Vegetables with Extra Crunch

Every kid hates baked veggies. If your child also does the same, then this recipe is for you. To prepare the same, you are advised to add a color layer of baked veggies and mix some tangy tomato chips with it. After this, just sit and see the magic. Your kid will love this crunchy meal that is healthy too.


Final takeaways

We all know that chips and candies are an indispensable part of our snacking culture. This is one of the reasons by chips and candies manufacturers in India are expanding their customer base by offering savory and irresistible flavors. And tangy tomato chips are simply a spicy divine. But yes, when you are checking the range of Kiwi Foods, do not forget to try their other “blockbusters” such as bomb blast candies, fun pops, Tanatan chips, and so on.







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