Netflix explores cloud gaming as it looks for new hires

In recent job postings, Netflix asks for aid from experts in cloud gaming, which might be a sign of things to come for its current gaming project. According to Protocol, the firm is looking for a renderer engineer who can support Netflix’s “cloud gaming service,” a security product manager with experience tackling “cloud gaming difficulties,” and other relevant roles.

The business might expand beyond mobile by offering its games to TVs and PCs without relying on game consoles if it were to introduce a cloud gaming service like PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, or Amazon Luna.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Netflix said, “We are continually searching for outstanding talent to join our teams and are investigating new product options to improve our member experience. At this moment, we have nothing additional to say.

The streamer has just released “Into the Breach” and “Before Your Eyes,” among other mobile games, adding to its growing catalogue. Despite being free for individuals with a Netflix login, fewer than 1% of Netflix’s subscriber base, according to Apptopia, plays its mobile games. Only about 1.7 million members to the streaming service play Netflix games per day on average.

Even while its mobile games aren’t exactly well-liked, perhaps a cloud gaming service can attract more players.

As more players turn to cloud gaming services to enjoy games without purchasing pricey gear, the market for cloud gaming is expanding. In fact, according to market research firm Research and Markets, the size of the worldwide cloud gaming industry is predicted to soar to a staggering $20.94 billion by the year 2030. The worldwide cloud gaming business brought in $1.6 billion last year.

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